Important things to know before breast augmentation

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That is breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures among women over the age of 20.

And, of course, to any surgeon, especially for such a serious, should be approached with caution and understanding all the possible consequences.

First and foremost – decide with the doctor and the clinic, because these factors depends almost 95 percent of success. Be sure to check the summary of the surgeon, view the before-and-after, and also look for real testimonials from his patients.

It is equally important to find a common language with the specialist – you have to trust a stranger, to tell him about their wishes, fears, to determine the wish results and to trust the body during surgery. It is therefore very important that the person was you.

If you have not yet given birth, or are planning to become a mother once again – decide whether you will feed in the future the child. This is necessary in order that the doctor could choose which implant will fit in your case. They can be placed through an incision in the areola (this option is ideal for those who do not plan to practice breastfeeding), or through under the breast or in the armpit (this operation is optimal for women who prefer to feed babies breast).

Beware of low cost surgery! The space of the Internet today is full of different suggestions about breast augmentation surgery at suspiciously low prices. Remember: work is a good specialist, the implants themselves and the hospital stay is not cheap.

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