In Asia develop a special texture of cosmetics for different regions

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Understanding geographical and environmental differences between the regions in Asia is becoming increasingly important to create textures that meet the requirements of Asian consumers. The climate of the warm Equatorial region of this continent is very different from countries with a temperate climate in Northern Asia, which leads to different preferences in terms of texture.

“In South-East Asia, where warmer and wetter, consumers need a gel texture with quick absorption indicators. In the North, where there are four seasons, buyers tend to choose the creamy texture to protect the skin from the drier the weather,” explains Frederick Lam, regional marketing Manager for the Asia-Pacific region Lucas Meyer Cosmetics.

Mrs Lam believes that cosmetic companies better understand consumer preferences and various regions in Asia. “I think we are still at the beginning, making small steps towards a better understanding of what texture the user wants to see in their environment.” For example, between countries in South-East Asia there are small differences. “Despite the fact that they are both countries in South-East Asia, Indonesia and Vietnam have different weather conditions. In Indonesia, more humid climate, while in Vietnam pronounced wet and dry seasons”.

Frederick Lam believes that cosmetic companies are beginning to recognize such nuances. “We see more and more companies are using their understanding of the needs of consumers in terms of a preference of texture.”

As consumers become increasingly knowledgeable, Lam noted that it is increasingly important that a more targeted clinical trials. For example, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, a study conducted in Chinese subjects for one of its functional components – Biophilic H. According to LEM, in order to help companies to create customized products for different consumer groups, it was important to create a universal functional ingredients. “For example, using Biophilic H developers can create rich creams or more liquid lotions. This allows companies to provide various types of products in different regions.” In addition, with universal ingredient, the company can easily adjust the recipe of one product for each market.

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“Today’s consumers understand their skin even better than before. When they see that a product is tested on a specific skin type or in a particular climate, they will be more willing to try,” says Lam.

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