In Cao are developing technology to protect hair from dirt particles


Research laboratories hair care Hair Care Research Laboratory of Kao Corporation, the company has studied the characteristics of small particles adhering to the hair, which, according to scientists degrade the structure of the hair the next day after washing

In addition, on clean hair significantly reduced the level of fat that provides the particles the best adhesion (adhesion of two surfaces of dissimilar bodies). That’s why researchers have developed a method to eliminate this problem by using the technologies included in the shampoo and remedies for hair care.

Pollen of cedar, used as representative of small particles of mud were examined in the study conducted in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. In the period from March to April 2019 hairpin, hair and clothes were placed on the air for a few hours each day, and then quantitatively determined the amount of cedar pollen antigen, attached to each sample using the ELISA technique – solid-phase immunoenzyme analysis.

Hair collected from the beam, processed protein staining and observed under light microscope. Spherical particles were colored blue, thus, it was confirmed that the adhesion of pollen from individual hairs. Compare the amount of allergen per unit area showed that the number clinging to her hair, it was equal to or greater than sticking to the clothes.

On the basis of the results obtained in the course of the study, it has been suggested that one of the reasons for hair contamination with small particles is the presence of fat. In this study, the technology used to control hair greasiness, were studied for their effect of protection from dirt.

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As for the sebum, shampoo that cleans all hair, including the roots and conditioning with silicon mix to improve the texture of the formula, became the basis for further developments. To reduce liquid sebum present on the surface of the hair, was conducted screening of various grease substances. Cationization hydroxypropyl cellulose (C-HPC), developed in the laboratory of Cao, were mixed with the test shampoo.

20 hours after shampooing the increase of the coefficient of static friction, a parameter for the adhesion of fine dirt particles was significantly suppressed in comparison with the mass, which was not part of the grease item. The results of the tests of the hair revealed that the use of silicone with low viscosity will be effective.

Based on these results, study participants were asked to use the test shampoo and conditioner for six days on one side of the head. Then the six researchers gathered the black hair and subjected them to exposure to fine particles of white color to appreciate the color change. The results showed that when using the tested products, the adhesion of fine dirt particles was significantly suppressed.

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