In Europacom Union approved the use of salicylic acid in cosmetics

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The scientific Committee of the European Union for consumer safety has given the approval rating of salicylic acid in cosmetic products and personal hygiene products.

In the end, scientists from the EU permitted the use of salicylic acid as a preservative with a maximum concentration of 0.5%, and for other purposes at a dosage greater than 3.0% for products that require rinsing after use, and to 2.0% in other assets.

Taking into account the new data that has been applied to the use of the chemical, the experts of the Scientific Committee of the EU stated that in all three cases, salicylic acid is considered safe when used at the required dosage and provided that it is not intended for oral use.

According to the report of scientists, salicylic acid is used in cosmetic products as denaturing means, substances for hair care and skin exfoliating agent, a drug against acne, dandruff and preservative product.

Speaking about the toxicity of the substance, experts say that compliance with the applicable laws of the EU about the use of chemical substances in cosmetic products is salicylic acid cannot be used in the compositions of the products used for children under three years of age, except for shampoos. In addition, on the product packaging should be clearly indicated when the acid is used as a preservative.

A study on the use of salicylic acid showed that it is used as a preservative in all cosmetic products except liquid mouthwash, toothpaste, eyeliner and mascara. However, she is part of medicines for the treatment of warts and calluses because of their agent properties and also used as remedies for skin peels in cosmetic practice.

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Although the experts of the Scientific Committee of the EU has recognized that salicylic acid is not a threat from the point of view of the Carcinogenicity, toxicity caused by sunlight, mutagenicity, it can have some effect on the human reproductive system that involves the use of maximum dose that does not cause detectable harmful effects on human health.

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