In Japan has developed exercises for improving the condition of the skin


Japanese company Pola Orbis has developed a programme of exercises which, according to representatives of the organization, can improve the appearance of the skin in eight weeks.

BI-HA-DANCE – 20 minute program includes exercises performed artistic gymnasts. It consists of stretching and a series of light exercises designed to ensure accessibility and ease of execution in the room. Pola Orbis collaborated with the Japan national team in rhythmic gymnastics, also known as Fairy Japan Pola, for the development of exercises. The exercise program was developed by the Cotonou Tanaka, a former member and captain of the Japanese team in rhythmic gymnastics, which participated in the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. Tanaka retired from the sport in 2013 and is currently the Ambassador team. In addition, the company is the official partner of Fairy Japan Pola, and supports the team, teaching them makeup and skin care.

A team of researchers conducted a test program BI-HA-DANCE on 11 volunteers aged 35 to 39 years of age who do not have the habit to exercise regularly. The participants argued that the number of spots and wrinkles decreased by 7% and 35% respectively after eight weeks of performing this set of exercises. This gave grounds to assume that the physical exertion of this type starts the ejection minichino, hormone, which is believed to suppress melanin that causes pigmentation.

In addition, the researchers collected saliva samples from subjects to measure the level of stress, watching the amylase, the enzyme used as a biomarker of stress conditions. Scientists have discovered that the stress hormone also decreased after four weeks.

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In Pola Orbis until the development of special complex of physical exertion carried out their own research July 2019 and February 2020. The company used the data received from APEX organizations, specializing in individual skin care. It showed that exercise can improve skin condition and reduce wrinkles, pores and even acne.

In July 2019 the APEX brand has undergone a major reconstruction and was re-launched with a new system of skin analysis, which uses static visualization and video analysis based on artificial intelligence technology to assess the condition of the skin. In addition to high rating leather customers also answer questions relating to their skin, lifestyle, preferences in cosmetics to form a user profile. Consumers who undergo a skin analysis, can choose the means for skin care of of 8.62 million combinations.

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