In search of cleansing for oily skin – Missha, Effaclar, Avene

Your search for the perfect cleanser, I’m not the first, the active use of retinoids, acids, and other means for the correction of oily skin involves the use of gentle cleansers, and regardless of the presence or absence of skin cleansing the skin should be delicate.

The first two tools, I think, known to most owners of oily skin, and I haven’t met a dermatologist, who would not mention the money from the Effaclar line. But the washroom from Missha, I came across quite accidentally and independently, let’s see what happened…

From cleansers, waiting for a good cleanse, without any dry or tight skin, I don’t like the effect of the washing up. Any expectations in the fight against acne cleanser do not wait, but if the tool (suddenly!) they are able – it will be a nice surprise for me. By all means use for two-step cleanser after make-up removal product, or wash them in the morning.

Purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel For Oily Sensitive Skin

Familiar with it, I would call it my basic cleanser – always looking for something better, but still regularly return to it.

The gel is translucent, thick enough not to flow out of the bottle, but quite comfortable for washing. Has a light cosmetic scent with some floral notes.

Low consumption of foam on a 4-ku. After using almost no feeling of tightness, dryness is not present, the hand stretches to moisturizing cream. Probably buy in store.

Available in virtually any pharmacy in the city.

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Term test: more than three years.

Rating: 4,5

Price: 760 roubles for 200 ml.

Mild cleansing gel without soap Avene Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser

Added to wishlist for quite some time, but the probe did not come to my hands, and buy without a test is not wanted.

Transparent light blue gel is quite strong but pleasant smell cosmetic. More liquid than Effaclar, however not foam very well. Small probes with a volume of 25 ml, was enough for me for a month and a half of daily use.

After washing discomfort of tightness, there is a desire to immediately use moisturizer. Full version do not buy it.

As widely available in pharmacies.

Term test:a month and a half.

Rating: 3

Price: 540 rubles for 200 ml.

Foam cleanser Missha Near Skin pH Balancing Cleansing Foam

Still wary of Korean I can make after a completely unsuccessful funds from Holika Holika, The Saem, but this seduced by the words “pH Balancing”, a bit having read a few positive reviews I took a chance to try the tool for yourself.

The tool is Packed in a sleek plastic tube, with hinged cover, no complaints about the packaging I have.

The consistency of the foam comfortable gel, inhomogeneous, translucent base there are small white flakes when washing they dissolve in no way damaging the face. The smell is weak, some cosmetic.

Means it’s my honestly, a big mystery to me why manufacturers and distributors have called the tool “skin”, in my opinion, it is a gel cleanser. Consumption average, sometimes enough to wash a pea, are sometimes added, to achieve foaming. After cleansing, no dryness or tightness. Probably repeat purchase.

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Found in the Russian THEM, but not widespread, so perhaps you have to look. On my gel, unfortunately, were not stickers in the composition, the information is only in Korean.

Testing period: six months.

Rating: 5

Price: 630 RUB for 150 ml.

None of the cleansers had no effect on the skin – black spots are not lightened and disappeared, a rare inflammation continue to emerge, the fat content is reduced due to the medications that I take in, but Missha and Effaclar do not desiccate the skin, efficiently cleaned and prepared for application of care products and therapeutic agents.

Thank you for your attention!

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