In Shiseido discovered the role of nerves in skin elasticity


Shiseido developed a unique technology that enables the visualization of nerve fibers in the skin in three dimensions at a depth of about two millimeters, including the deep layer of dermis. The results of the conducted research allow to make conclusions about the relationship of the nerves and the level of elasticity of the skin.

The company has long been engaged in research to explore the relationship between the nerves and the skin, especially the epidermis. However, conventional methods have been limited from the point of view of the observed area and accuracy, and it was impossible fully to understand the complex network of nerves deep within the skin.

Thus, the team used a unique technology that renders the capillaries in the skin in three dimensions with a wide field of view, using a technique developed by Shiseido in 2018, make the skin tissue transparent, and successfully achieved three-dimensional visualization of nerve fibers deep inside the skin, including the deep layer of dermis for the first time.

Using this technology, found that peripheral nerve fibers in the skin decrease with age. Based on these results, the team conducted a study suggesting that the presence of the relationship between nerves and elasticity of the skin. In particular, scientists have determined that the peripheral nerve fibers decreases with age, and the components allocated from the sensory neurons and stimulate the production of collagen in fibroblasts, which are involved in skin elasticity.

3D-visualization system of nerve fibers in the deep layers of the skin of a person 18 years of age (left) and 50 years (right).

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The research team is also interested in ingredients that activate sensory neurons, with emphasis on the fact that when they are activated, the number of redundant components increases. Thus, it was discovered that the ingredient Labiatae Phytoconnect derived from plants of the family Labiatae, has the effect of activating sensory neurons and increases the production of collagen – one of the main “building” material for the skin. This study suggests the possibility of a new regime of skin care that can help keep the skin elastic, taking care of the nerves and moving forward. Shiseido will use this discovery to develop products for skin care.

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