In the line of Estee Lauder ANR replenishment. New enhanced recovery complex for the skin around the eyes, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex Supercharged

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Today my story about the new brand Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex Supercharged — emergency rehabilitation complex for skin around the eyes.

Recently, Estee Lauder has released an updated version of its famous ANR for the area around the eyes. First, now the serum is increased, and its concentration was 10 times higher than the previous, and secondly, it is not only fights the signs of aging and restores the delicate skin around the eye, but also protects it from aggressive environmental influences, UV rays and negative influence of the radiation “light blue” screens of your computers, phones, and fluorescent lamps. Isn’t it an interesting statement? Personally, I thought “Yes”! But before I even about such did not think.

Now, we all spend a lot of time at the screens of our gadgets, peering, priŝurivaâs ‘ and straining not only the eyes but the muscles around the eyes, and besides, we still face any harmful radiation. This affects not only our eyes, but the skin around them. She actively is covered with wrinkles and premature aging. What to do, these are the realities of our time????. In the laboratory, Estee Lauder was puzzled by this problem and have tried to create a product that actively fights not only with a mesh of wrinkles, puffiness, signs of sleepless nights, dryness of the delicate skin around the eyes, but also with the consequences of exposure to the UV rays and “blue light”. From the Press release to this serum, I realized that Pro wrestling with the effects of “blue light” is not just a mere statement of the brand, it is confirmed by a number of studies and tests. Well what can I say? For example, I absolutely don’t mind. I would, and I would be glad if all this really works????))

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But will return directly to the serum.

Has already become a good tradition to pack it in a flat thick-walled translucent brown bottle with Golden metal lid. Good that the brand does not change this design because it has become a hallmark of all the ANR serum.

The texture is complex, so traditional is the lightest silky cream-gel has virtually no scent, which is easy to apply, perfectly distributed, and it should be just a little bit, the consumption of mega economical. After applying there is a slight relaxing chill.

The complex absorbs almost instantly, turning my skin around the eyes is extremely soft and tender.

In General, the feelings I felt a huge difference from the previous version

ANR Eye Synchronized Recovery Complex II. The only thing — sometimes the previous version caused me a slight tingling sensation for a new set I did not notice.

Composition has certainly changed, but not dramatically.

The basis remained the same is patented Estee Lauder exclusive complex ChronoluxCB™. But it is clear that a formula fortified with peptides and hyaluronic acid, which from the end of the list has moved almost to the beginning.

But I love this set for me for the most wonderful component, Bifida Ferment Lysate (he’s the third composition), which is very beneficial for my skin, eliminating any irritation, the redness, dryness, and overall healthy.. I use it for two months and definitely see improvement. Particularly pleased with the decrease in swelling, the skin was slightly thickened, and even has a good lifting effect, which is cumulative, i.e. the more you use, the more visible the change, and a break for a few days does not spoil this positive picture.

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And Yes, paint the complex in the morning and evening, despite the fact that he Night. By the way, the night after half an hour on top to add cream (I have now Uriage Isodense), I always look at the needs. But for daytime use I only it is enough. By the way, the eye makeup he is friendly, great, Foundation and concealers on the complex behave perfectly — do not roll or float.

And follow-up.

I have always been and remain a great admirer care Estee Lauder and serums ANR I have a special love and trust. They are really very good for me, and work great on my skin. All the same fans of the Estee Lauder ANR I can safely recommend this new product.

Testing time: 2 months.

Volume: 15 ml.

Country of origin: U.K.

Price: about 4000 rubles (but we all catch promotions and discounts???? that mark is always very generous)

Rating: 5.

Thank you for your attention.



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