In the MSU science Park has developed a gel for hair removal in sensitive areas

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In the MSU science Park has developed a gel for hair removal is designed to work on sensitive areas (bikini and armpits). Earlier, there was developed a gel for hair removal on arms, legs and face.

“Until the spring of 2019, it was possible to make gel wax only on areas of the hands/feet and face. In March 2019, we released a composition that is suitable for work on sensitive areas (bikini and armpits). This is our gift to all women on March 8!” says marketing Director Valery Kazakov.

The whole body of a person is different by the depth of the hair starting from scalp and ending with my toes. Therefore, the effect should be more. On sensitive areas the depth is in anagen phase from 3.5 to 4.75 mm, and on the hands and feet only from 2.5 to 4 mm.

In reality, it seems a trifle, but for the finest impact within the follicle, it is a very big difference.

“In developing the gel for sensitive areas us was most important in enhancing the concentration of active substances is not to destroy the hair shaft, and to effect also on the soft keratin, only much deeper. To go beyond the maximum allowable concentrations, we could not, therefore, in addition to changes in the concentration of substances in the main gel, we changed the composition in our guide, cleansing lotion,” says senior trainer-technologist Svetlana Shuvalova.

On sensitive areas is dominated by terminal hair, hard, thick (to 0.6 mm), long (over 20 mm) and pigmented, developing from roots in the deeper layers of the skin.

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In the intimate area pH below the average from 3.8 to 4.4. High acidity in the area support native lactobacilli, they also resist pathogens.

Each follicle sebaceous gland suitable. The main function of sebaceous glands – lubrication of the hair a secret and the formation on the skin surface of the emulsion films (water-lipid film, water-lipid mantle), performs a protective function. The emulsion film has a slightly acidic environment (between pH 4.5 to 6.5).

If you act on a slightly acidic environment of the emulsion of the film with lye, all your own lactobacterii die, which can lead to nasty women’s diseases such as thrush.

“All our formulations are gentle and maintain the acidity in the delicate feminine area at the appropriate level. We do not go beyond the neutral environment of the human skin pH is 5.5” – says Svetlana Shuvalova.

Also, specially for sensitive areas was formulated gel for the removal, which with minimal adhesion to the skin can remove already loose hair, without causing pain or discomfort.

To date, the gel wax has been held for more than 1 200 professional beauticians from more than 180 cities of Russia and CIS countries. Receive training not only in Moscow but also in other cities of Russia and also in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

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