In Western Europe the pace of growth of the market of means on care of hair

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Despite the fact that according to analysis of the global market of beauty devices, European consumers are most interested in devices and tools for skin care, analysts Euromonitor International notes that the countries of Western Europe, on the contrary, show a decline in demand for products in that category.

In particular, recent market research from Euromonitor International show that the Western European customers, limit the costs of hair care in favor of a more natural appearance.

It is worth noting that Western Europe, which remains the third largest region in the segment of cosmetics for hair care, demonstrates the decline in sales as consumers refuse certain foods, especially in France and the UK.

Analysts of the company declare that in 2017 the consumers of cosmetics in Western Europe have become more focused on natural remedies, including in the sector of hair care. Thus, hair dyes and styling products, representing 36% of the market of hair care products in the region, was under threat. This is due to the fact that the composition of these preparations includes the least amount of natural ingredients.

In addition to changing consumer behavior, another factor limiting the growth of the market for hair care in Western European countries is the fact that here a particularly high level of competition.

According to Euromonitor International, sales of cosmetics for hair care is 83% of retail sales. It is associated with a complex pricing policy and strong promotions in mass distribution channels, such as supermarkets or pharmacies.

Leading cosmetic companies in this region are L’oréal, Henkel, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. Market analysts say that these manufacturers use in their favor customer loyalty and continuously innovate.

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The idea of a healthy lifestyle is actively developing in the sector of hair care. “Consumers in Europe are increasingly placing a high priority on the health of the hair when buying products to care,” says says Euromonitor International.

It is noteworthy that hair care has taken over some of the features of cosmetic skin care. In particular, the Sami treatments began to occur in several stages, more popular cosmetic preparations of the directed action.

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