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Hello! In this post I will show you the famous black mascara Clinique High Impact Mascara and lip balm Clinique Chubby Stick moisturizing lip colour balm shade 07 super strawberry.

Mascara Clinique High Impact Mascara in black, as I have noticed, many is favorite. First, I received miniature with the purchase, and after it decided to take a sample of the full version.

Packing: standard, no frills. Dark green bottle and the top metallic. The limiter, in my opinion, so-so, because to me mascara on the brush too much, but maybe I just my tiny lashes don’t need so much )) I Brush madly in love — it is made from lint, very soft, medium size. The lid absolutely will not scratch and automatically draws me milesnick ))

Contents: the mascara has no fragrance, color standard black. I opened the package in early August, during this time, twice it was dried, I added plain water and she lived again with no problems. It is not necessary to paint immediately after buying it perfectly separates the lashes. Consumption slow — I use it every day for 4 and a half months and she still does not think to end, I still from time to time clean the excess brush.

The result: a little bit. I think the pictures clearly show how out of nothing it makes a little volume, a little separation, a little lengthening. No flaking during the day. On my super oily eyelids slightly imprinted in the evening, but compared to previous instances this is a very good result. Unfortunately, rain and tears her strictly contra — flows mercilessly and sting the eyes.

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In short, I love her because she gives beautiful natural eyelashes and do not scratch the eyelid.

Eyelashes Nude ))
In a single layer
In two layers

Period of use: 4.5 months

Price: 1,500 rubles

Rating: 5/5

Lip balm Clinique Chubby Stick moisturizing lip colour balm 07 super strawberry.

Packaging: well, how was it possible to hold funds for the creation of normal decent cap?)) It seems nice, but this plastic misunderstanding spoil the whole look. In General, the convenient packaging, the stick is put forward on the principle of conventional lipsticks, wiggling bottom.

Contents: the stick is not the most convenient diameter to paint over the outline, but for those who like to paint on the go or make the effect of Tinta, you may like it. Cosmetic perfume balm is missing, there is only light himonya smell, which I kind of hate but that fades after 15 minutes. The texture is very oily balm melts into the lips. The flow is decent — I use them a couple of times a month and for a year used it fully.

Result: balm provides hydration, which is even a couple of hours after the disappearance of the coating. If you overdo it with the thickness of the coating, maybe a little to run over the lines. But the color looks pale. Like most balms, can not withstand even a light snack. In General stays on the lips for about 3-4 hours, and then gently disappears.

I don’t often favor these lighter shades, so I found it a great use as a topper: put on a light lip pencil to get the new colors as well as pencils in similar colors for effect satin lipstick.

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In General, this balm will be convenient to the move to smear and run on.

Lips Nudeput the balm in a single layerput the balm on the pencil Navel

Period of use: year.

Price: the set took 800 rubles, one costs about $ 1,000.

Rating: 4/5, the expense of some unrealistic with him, well, cap this trouble just)

And the full image at last:

Mascara in 1 layer and conditioner in 1 layer

These are the things) my name is Sasha, let’s discuss!

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