Inglot Freedom system HD sculpting powder #514

Him a year and a half

For fair-skinned, neutral temperature, the sculptor.

Hello everybody. Sculptor this my first and only, he’s a year and a half.

Before buying, I have chosen two shades, but to decide and could not have therefore, if okazii I drove to the store offline. The consultant immediately threw my options and I chose the shade 514.

Here’s a he gray could fit in there:

And here is a Swatch on hand:

By the way, this is the whole line (screenshot from the page PROIZVODITELYA).

It is seen that my 514 is surrounded by a shade to the left cold, right warm colors.

About tekhnchesky characteristics much like ordinary dust, well pigmented. A big expense, to put a spot is quite real.

On the face I struck the tone, powder, highlighter and sculptor. Blush missed, so as not to interfere with the perception.

So we have one normal photo, one blurred and one of the wildest overwhelmed, hold on to the chair, so as not to fall off when scroll to it.

Under the cheekbones layered, as usual, and a little restorefile on hairlineDelicate shadowAnd here suffered the prospect, sorry

Now I will add three photos where the sculptor seems to be in sight, but actually it is. And by the way, what skin tone it would suit: me color suitable only decided to try Korean, European is a constant yellow border drawing and unnatural complexion.

Well. Happy to play around with all the shades of this sculptor, but this is likely to repeat when finished.

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