Inglot Sleeks Lip Gloss No. 62

I always thought that with the brand Inglot we are in parallel universes — never got caught though and popular. And the glitter — not my thing, but vacation and the beginning of the season of inspiration can work wonders and I have been on the table lies the glitter Inglot.

Cute thin “tube” in a cardboard black box. It can even be called elegant to some extent. The base is semicircular, and therefore can stand only on the cover. Cover, it the handle of the sponge is small — 2.2 cm in length — a person with fat fingers can be awkward to manipulate him and this is the only disadvantage of packaging (fortepianist always scolded my hands, but the teacher profession was very happy). Sponge on a long stick, brushed, small. A classic of the genre.

Hue — shimmer-shimmer! In a transparent medium density base a whole myriad of shades, however, dominated by a pink gold (and blue and green and gold and silver, when viewed under electric light). Glitter does not flow and sits as soon as been about 3 hours and it’s decent. Gradually descending. Better to wash gently, not wiping the back of his hand in the face)) the shimmer will be everywhere)) the Lips are not dry, on the contrary, a gloss is that lip after it soft, moisturized. The quality is high. The performance this glitter reminds me of this one, however, the effect of filler components of it better, almost like an old favorite, Guerlain feel.

Left distributed in a thin layer, right to tight.

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Considering that the lips I have with certain features matters to me is that the glitter does not clog in the creases and did not spread themselves over the edge. It’s all good — no need to control, as with some others. Sits like a glove all the time that is required.

Glitter is good, but even with it still not worth perebarschivat — the fact that the sponge is usually enough for one time application, high — lower the sponge again, but no more. Brute force will not affect the coating the better (lips will burn with the fire and reflect any light, but whether it is beautiful?), although not flow. The word shimmer is not felt, but the glitter is nice and protects the lips in windy weather. It seems that in winter we would be good together. I never distribute the glitter on the lips, wiping them together, but with this Shine, if he faded and down the center (water, food and other mischief), you can poshukat as grandma and such a simple way to refresh the Shine. Actually, the tea and that delicious will survive, if carefully, but no crumbs will not pass by.

My new pet. Maybe I’m too old to wear this every day to work, but I really pleasant. Such a spirit of accommodation.

Price: 11,50 Euro

Volume: 5.5 ml.

Use: 08.09.

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