Injections of youth: everything you need to know about Botox

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Now there are many ways to combat wrinkles, but Botox is still in demand. What it is, what is the effect and how long it lasts? We will answer all your questions.

Botox essentially causes temporary paralysis of muscles. It blocks the signals that go from nerves to muscles, causing them to constantly be relaxed. Do Botox from substances produced by bacteria. It’s the strongest poison, but, like many other harmful substances, in small doses, Botox is used not only in cosmetics but also in medicine, for example, for the treatment of neurological diseases.

Although Botox is considered safe, it has contraindications (and not enough), as well as side effects. About contraindications should consult a doctor. If you have no chronic diseases, allergies, you are pregnant, it is likely that the procedure will be allowed.

Side effects occur after the procedure many, but most often they do not deliver special inconveniences is a small swelling and bruising that quickly pass. A good specialist will warn you about possible side effects, as they largely depend on individual characteristics, as well as places where the shot will be given.

The effect of smoothing of wrinkles does not occur immediately. Typically, the first results can be seen after a few days, but the final effect you’ll appreciate in about a week. There are many factors that affect the effectiveness of the procedure. Best Botox works on wrinkles average severity, and for very deep and can not work.

Gradually you will form new neural connections and muscles will regain mobility. Usually this happens within six months. Much depends on the individual, usually before the first procedure it is difficult to predict how long will last the effect.

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Surely you saw the terrible pictures of the effects of the Botox injections. But really you just need a responsible approach to the choice of the master. A good specialist before the procedure will examine the condition of your skin, so correctly to choose a dosage and injection site of the drug. This is really important – in the case of poor preparation or other errors, the result may be sad. And, worst of all, fix the bad consequences will help, only time Botox cannot be inferred.

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