Inkstroke Shiseido Eyeliner Purple Nasubi VI605, Shinrin Green GR604

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If you love hands and gel eyeliner, then welcome under kat:


To cosmetics Shiseido I’m very sensitive, I love their shadows, and have even gathered a small collection of six palettes.

When only did these eyeliner I something very cool about this, because my favorites were already gel eyeliner Maybelline in black and brown tints. But I could see personally, these all-heart raced, and wallet wept with upcoming expenses. The first in my collection was a blue tint Post


All the same from brand was released six shades:

-Black next generation better Black BK901

-Dark grey Empitsu Gray GY902

-Deep Indigo Kon-ai Blue BL603

-Rich Burgundy Purple Nasubi VI605

-Rich brown Kuromitsu Brown BR606

-Dark green Shinrin Green GR604

For myself, I chose twogreen and Burgundy.


General features (for those who are unfamiliar with them):


Placed liner in a nice cardboard box bright red

Also included with them is foldable brush with thin and easy tip by which you can draw arrows of any length and thickness.

In addition, Shiseido has released a very unusual shaped brush that is sold separately. For myself, I decided not to buy it, because plenty of my own.

The jar in which they are similar to a casket, on the lid is the logo of the brand.

And in its center is placed a V-shaped check mark, as provided for removing a surplus of the product during operation. Such Nou-Hao I have not seen any one manufacturer.

The volume of the product is 4.5 grams, which is even a bit much, in my opinion).

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The texture is just fabulous-Geleva-cream, to century they slide easily, and arrows are drawn, you can tell yourself. Even those girls who with such means, I just know that everything will work out.

Shades is a very interesting and original, which is only green and blue.

Vitality, and here I am ready to give the manufacturer a thousand kisses. Liner mega stable, they will be with you as you determine you want them. Do not crack, do not fade, not lubricated and not imprinted on the eyelid. Real happiness in a small jar, and only.

And a little apart will tell you about each shade:

Gel eyeliner Shiseido Eyeliner Purple Nasubi Inkstroke VI605

Very beautiful autumn colour with shimmer, which gives the liner the versatility and Shine on the eyelids, and which I hadn’t planned to take, fearing “the effect of tear-stained eyes,” but fortunately that did not happen. That is able to the Japanese to create such “correct” color).

Gel eyeliner Shiseido Eyeliner Inkstroke Shinrin Green GR604

We can say that this color is matte on the eyelids looks very interesting and attracts views. For girls who wear colored arrows perfect tone.

Here’s how they look on my eyes:

A deep Burgundy Purple Nasubi VI605Dark green Shinrin Green GR604

Price: 2100 rubles.

Rating: 5+++.

Time use: more than six months.

The result, my love and respect. And great sorrow and sadness that they were removed from production…


With respect, Elena.

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