Inkstroke Shiseido gel eyeliner Purple Nasubi and Kuromitsu Brown

Once upon a time I loved to draw hands and any makeup is not complete without this step. Then somehow time was less laziness and more, and I began to skip this step, until such time as this lovely eyeliner didn’t get my hands on

First, before I met this eyeliner, I thought it was some special kind of art-to draw arrows. Before, I did it only with a pencil, but this liner is like doing everything myself. If you want to learn how to draw hands, it’s a great thing, which you should start.

The set is standard brush, as in many other connections, nothing special, but in principle you can try to use it, but it is necessary to be accustomed.

In General, the whole set looks very nice, bulky cardboard box in the signature style, šajbočka logo on cover with small “wings”. Inside the jars in the center is a V – shaped plastic tick in order that it can help to remove the excess, but I have never needed product is typed in moderation.


Gel eyeliner dense in texture, but soft and pliable, great falls on the eyelid and stained migracyjne space, gently wraps the texture of the skin and not pull her along. She though she draws the arrow displays the line, and you’re like only a few detached hold the brush. For me, the process is associated with writing characters by brush and ink, especially when folding the traits of writing, the action is very similar. The main thing is not to make any sudden movements so as not to spoil the line)

To the extent hardens quickly and is not imprinted. I like how this eyeliner fills migracyjne space, you seems to be painfully not poke the brush, pulling at the eyelid, but the texture gently envelops the skin, not the plots remains.

In the liner stated Hypo-allergenic, but I have the most common eyes and allergies has not happened yet to any products.

The durability is wonderful. After coating hardens, it is not printed on the eyelids, in contact with water it does not float away, and lasts all day with no loss of brightness hue. Easy to rinse micellar water, but migracyjny space of course will have to work hard.

Shiseido Inkstroke Purple Nasubi VI605

The quality of both my tone the same, so I will write separately only about the color.

  • Color of ripe cherry with a matte finish on the eyes major difference there, but it’s a nice alternative to black.

I’m certainly not a Pro in drawing arrows, but for now, I think it turned out nothing)

The image as a whole. I think this shade of ripe plum makes the arrow more soft, and there is no integralnogo effect.

Shiseido Inkstroke Kuromitsu Brown BR606

  • the classic noble shade of dark chocolate, very pleasant and soft, with a matte finish and cool shade.

Unfortunately, to find them now is not so easy, as I understand it, shops sell the remains, it’s a shame if they no longer produce. Here we would like to complain about the re-issue of their makeup, which in my opinion, it came out weird.

Price: discounts of about 1000

Rating: 5

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