InnerGlow CheekPowder Shiseido blush in shade 03 Rose Floating

Hi! Happy new year, dear inhabitant and inhabitants of cosmeticly!

And so, I was looking for a new blush, for every day, under everything. The choice fell on the new line of Shiseido, I took the, in my opinion, a gentle and natural shade for very pale skin.

Full name: Shiseido InnerGlow CheekPowder in shade 03 Floating Rose.

Weight: 4 grams.

Packaging: the case is black plastic, the top cover is matte with a glossy red stripe, the bottom cover is glossy, clipped to a magnet. The case is Packed in thick cardboard, which in turn also packaged in a cardboard box. No you velvet bags and hands is a bummer.

About lipstick another time.

Color: soft pink, slightly cool, the packaging may look different, warmer or brighter, but the color stays pale pink.

Refil turned away from the windowto Direct light from a window (the sun behind the clouds)

Set to brush the dust a little, only if the intention to haul the brush back and forth.


Direct light at the window, Sunny

Blush gives a soft satin effect pigmentation to the extent that is necessary for the average user. Can be layering. The spots do not put perfectly and become flustered. The durability of a work day, 8-9 hours, the longer the makeup I don’t wear.

Blush applied on apples and feathered to the templesTo the front camera. In the gray rainy day — you may rose so blush)))

Rating: 10/10 quality, but if you evaluate in the aggregate, would put 9/10, the score is lowered for a small amount, the price per gram is higher than Tom Ford. And the soul asks velvet “duster” luhari as well.

Price: 40 euros.

Overall satisfied, I use them for 3 weeks constantly.

I’m Anya, I agree with you:)

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