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Good afternoon, connoisseurs!

The gloomy and cloud-based Dec made adjustments to the schedule of writing posts. Many had to postpone something lying in the drafts waiting for the right Sunny day to shoot.

This blush I bought in the fall. However, there are benefits from waiting “flying weather” testing of the product is longer.

Blush from the Arkham series, and its design is already familiar to fans of the brand.

Sleek design, very thin case, the ability to open the lid 180 degrees.

Traditionally inside the mirror. On the reverse is product information and number of the shade.

Weight blush — 4 oz., made in Italy.

This shade is the darkest in the lineup. Rich berry with copper notes, warm, with a small almost imperceptible to the eye Golden highlights.

The blush is very finely pressed, texture delicate, do not smell anything.

I thought that the blush in the new issue of more pigmented than the old one. Such a bright color, of course, very tricky for light skin. Coupled with the high pigmentation a chance to put a stain on the cheeks is great.

Easily imagine that blush in that color could be used as a shadow.

Layered for maximum transmission citraturia standard brush with natural bristles. For a final result think it’s bright polishing helps to make the color softer.

Personally, I made several approaches before it was determined most suitable for such TKH brush. It was facebookpagina Annbeauty long brush with natural bristles. But for the final shading was useful to another new Shiseido flickering in post is the same multifunction red brush “popochkoy” at the end. It polirovat the product into the skin.

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Photos below taken on different days, all in natural lighting

So… warm light, the sun’s rays.

Cold light, cloudy, cloudy.

Blush resistant, are worn till the evening, do not fade. Any removed intended for cleansing the face means.

Personally for me they are interesting experience in terms of color. Texture, grinding and wear were satisfied. Not to say that since buying 2 months, the hand was reaching for him all the time, but a certain mood in the gray days, they bring.

Do you sympathize with a bright blush? Or do you prefer gentle options?

Thank you for your attention.


2200-2900₽цена9/10оценка2 month, 10p/metallomesogen skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

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