Innocent joy with a palette from Etude House Play Color Eyes in the shade Wine Party


I have now covered plitochnaya fever. I’m the person who previously looked at the palette Aki on the chests of jewels and was afraid to touch them, and now finally decided to touch them and was in control, so to speak 😀. To begin my introduction to the world of palettes decided, of course, with Korean funds. And my first such purchase was quite bright (for me) palette from the “color Play” from Etude House called “Wine Party”.

I know that Korean shadow basically not as pigmented as the shadows produced by Western corporations. But I like this effect even like, because I’m still a beginner in makeup, and in General do not like bright pigments. And I’m pretty pale, and even discophenterminemx funds can look at me brightly. Therefore, Korean cosmetics for me even more desirable in this regard.

The palette is made of plastic, the back contain the names of the shades in Korean. Quite nice, but at the same time simple.

Under the hood we are waiting for a decent mirror and a protective plastic membrane with a double of the names of the shades, even with the amusing image.

Here are the shades. As you can see, all well and in the same style, are pretty standard Korean shades.


Swatch was done without the base on a clean hand. Bottom left — brush, to the right and above the finger.

The lightest shade on me is almost not visible, then he and the light.

Well, let’s put in a good word about each individual shade. The numbering will be from left to right.

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1, 3, 4, and 8 matte shades in here. But if 3 and 8 only seem to be matte (they contain traces of glitter in a small amount), then 1 and 4 are full matte.

First I usually use for fixing base, the fourth to draw the inner folds of the upper eyelid.


3 and 8 sparkles still could be seen in the light of the sun, although the photo’s are unable to pass.


10 shade contains a little more glitter, though he also made on matte base. Here glitter is slightly visible in the photo.


Well and present in a palette of satin shades 2, 6, 7.


Have a glitter-shimmer — 9 and 5. About their glitterati I’m still undecided until the end, since 5 is similar, but 9 when applying finger may well go for shimmer.


Dark shades of loose glitters too. So you need to carefully construct your makeover may apply after tone eye makeup or use powder in the area under the eyes before him.

The shade is a little dust, but not catastrophic. Though sensitive eyes may not like.

The options of make-up

Here consolidated database 1 hue, traced the crease 4 and 3, on mobile eyelid caused 6 shade. From below in the outer area 4 and used 3 shades closer to the inner corner — 6. In this makeup used pigment from Tammy Tanuka.

Here consolidated in the same 1 hue, traced the crease 4th, deepened the crease and darkened corner of the eye 10, on mobile eyelid caused 6 shade. Bottom 4 and 10, closer to the inner corner — 6.

Here secured and traced the crease 4th tinge, deepened the crease 3, stronger deepened the 8th darkened area 10th. On mobile eyelid caused 7 shade. Bottom — 3, 4, 8, 10.

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Seen as purple shadows fall off. Deliberately left to show.


Passed each shade on its own. Less pigmented matte, satin — more. With the glitter can be difficult for even a short dense brush, they are not always willing to be typed. Here will help or the applicator from the palette, or their own finger. Perhaps we need a sticky base for long socks, but I still haven’t.

As already mentioned, the shade is a little dust and crumble. This can be overcome.

Shade not bad, but not like butter, have a little work to do. Although much difficulty I have with them does not arise.


4 or 4+. Can’t say that they are just perfect in this respect, can be a little dim, but overall holding up, especially on the base. Without a glitter adhesive base crumble during the day, but again not extreme.


— Good shade in feather;

— Beautiful shades;

— Very cheap;

— Shadows tend to dust and flake off;

— Resistance to 4.

Volume: 91 gr.

Cost: 14$

Color: Wine party

Time of use: several months

Rating: 4


I palette came to mind, although it does not possess ideal characteristics. For the Korean shadow data still well pigmented, with them you can create both everyday and evening make-up completely. If you adapt and apply them carefully, you can achieve a good result.

Have you tried Korean eye shadow? Please share your favorites in the comments or opinion on the matter)

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