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… It’s no secret that proper hydration is, first, increase the protective properties of the skin, and secondly, the prevention of aging. Today I propose to look at two young Korean brand Hyggee aimed at skin hydration.


Hyggee — South Korean brand, its name is directly linked to the brand philosophy — “happiness in every little thing.” Manufacturers believe that the current practice of multi-stage care are more harmful to skin than beneficial. Their basic idea is that the care was very simple and straightforward, and “brought joy to every day”)) the founders of the brand optimized the skin care and has created tools “All-in-one”, offering each one to find the most ideal product instead of many bottles.

“You buy one and it replaces the one you a few steps of care!”

Well, very promising.

I remember about a year ago I saw quite a lot of positive feedback on the brand’s products, then passion somehow died down. In late autumn I came across these tools at huge discounts, and simply a sin not to try at least some of them. In the end, I chose essence “All-in-one”, it seemed the most versatile, and hydrating cloth masks in the amount of three pieces.

Let’s start with the essence.

Hyggee All-in-one Essence — moisturizing essence

Comes in a plastic, tactile frosted bottle further Packed in a cardboard box. The packaging design is minimalist, but I am impressed. Interesting new addition on the label there is a field where you can record the date of opening the product (and the expiration date will not be missed), as well as to reflect on the theme of happiness)))

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The manufacturer claims that this tool combines the toner, essence and serum.

In the product — a large number of moisturizing ingredients, birch juice, Niacinamide, oily and combination Apple, bergamot essential oil, floral extracts, extract of goat milk, collagen, enzymes, Lactobacillus, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, poly-glutamic acid, phospholipids, ceramides, and so on.

Essence semi-transparent, has a gel-like consistency, not sticky but very slippery. The smell unexpressed, but I clearly feel a hint of citrus and something sweet, subtle.

I have combination sensitive skin prone to dryness/redness in the winter, she especially suffers on windy days, and when you have a long time to be in a stuffy, hot, overly heated room. Essence offers deep hydration, that is, there is nothing that you washed off the cream after some time and the skin has again become dry and tight.

On the face I have enough single tap pump, the essence of the most easily spreads on the skin without leaving a sticky feeling of congestion. Second pressing on the skin of the neck and chest, there, by the way, I additionally take the skin mashed in the palms with a drop of oil to seal the moisture.

The essence absorbs quickly, instantly hydrates and removes tightness and dryness. The skin is soft and matte. No trace of lubricity or tack, and you can immediately apply makeup.

The first couple of weeks I used the essence in the morning and evening, then began to notice that the skin and one drop much switched to exclusively evening use. Another plus: when used daily, noticed that the essence a bit (but still obvious) lighten the skin. In this mode, I used essence in over a month, and I can say that it is really a self-contained product.

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Now the mode of application several times a week to maintain a good balance of hydration. In the evenings also already not daily, as more used acids, oils…

Three months of use to product no complaints, pores are not scored, other adverse reactions not caused. In short, anyone looking for a good basic moisturizing option — take a look, perhaps this is what you are looking for))

Price: about 2500, (I took the discount over 1400).

Rating: 5+

Hyggee All-in-one tightening & firming mask moisturizing mask with firming effect.

I love all kinds of cloth masks, I use them often and with pleasure. I find it hard to come by novelties, and when I meet brand, just usually buy 2-3 pieces. Korean cloth masks like especially.

The mask promises to moisturize skin as well as tightening effect.

“Universal mask Hyggee designed for the face and neck. The mask is made of eucalyptus wood and is safe for sensitive skin. The skin after application will be moisturized for a long time, soft and supple.

Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, improves the protective properties, improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It is secured behind the ears, and perfectly fixing to the neck.

Natural ingredients prevent moisture loss, eliminate dryness, stimulate the metabolism, relieves irritation and provides a lifting effect. The skin is visibly transformed and takes on a healthy glow” (C)

The texture of the fabric is very soft, medium density. The mask is generously soaked with treatment essence, the effect of which, by the way, not overly liquid, so it flows down in streams from the face. Curve convenient, the manufacturer took care of the four additional “ears” on the sides of the mask to fit as tight, and the use is convenient.

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It really is very convenient, because such fixation prevents the mask sliding from his face.

Composed of birch juice, Niacinamide, complex of natural oils, flower extracts, caffeine.

I leave the mask on the skin for the required 20 minutes, remove and give to absorb the remaining essence is still the same, remove the remains with a napkin.

The result is a skin hydrated, fresh, soft and more elastic. This effect me more than satisfied, I know what to expect wow-lifting effect from takeway mask (at least for the price) is unreal. But instant freshness and good hydration is guaranteed, creases from dry/desiccated mask will straighten, get rid of blackheads. Plus a very convenient form))

Price: about 300 rubles. pieces, I take a discount for 150.

Rating: a solid 4.

Thanks for stopping by)) Familiar with Hyggee? What are your impressions?..

Be beautiful!


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