Intensive anti-acne care in the form of a mask from Aravia Professional

I would like today to tell you about the mask-care for problem and oily skin from the Anti-Acne Intensive from Aravia Professional.

I was very fortunate in life with skin: on my she’s got everything you want — excessive oiliness, clogged pores, open and closed comedones, acne of any type and size, and constantly peeling, and dehydration. As well as extremely high sensitivity and irritability — innate and already developed to treat acne. I am in constant search of various tools that can help me in solving my problem, and about another of my searches and will talk today.

Mask I think it is important and necessary stage in skin care, use them regularly and persistently, hoping for a positive result. What is the result from the current heroine of the post — offer review.

So, the mask is a professional tool for intensive care of oily and problematic skin and the amount she is consistent and professional — the Bank already with 300 ml of product, originally covered with foil. The mask is a creamy, somewhat buttery, distinctly, but not sharply, felt the smell of tea tree — I love this scent in products for problem skin, it is for me enhances the subjective feeling of healing skin).

The composition of the mask is the following:

water, calendula oil, emulsion wax, chlorophyll — carotene paste, glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose (emulsion stabilizer), carboxymethyl cellulose (stabilizer), salicylic acid, malic acid, tea tree oil, diazolidinyl-urea (preservative), methyl – and propylparaben(preservatives), propylene glycol (a preservative, a viscosity stabilizer), sodium edta (antioxidant, enhances the action of preservatives).

As you can see, the composition of the mask is decent at first glance: there are acids, and tea tree oil, and calendula oil, and the main part of the inventory of chlorophyll — carotene paste. Quite uninteresting components are on last two places in rinse-off tool, offering to forgive this flaw, because there is no perfection in the world 🙂

What kind of a beast, this is the chlorophyll — carotene paste and what its usefulness is?

Get from the needles. Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and deodorant effects. Effective for acne, acne, seborrhea.

In addition, judging by the title, the paste contains a significant percentage of carotenes, i.e., derivatives of vitamin A usually fervently respected by the hosts skin.

The promises of the manufacturer and the method of use of the mask as follows:

And now my impressions of the tools. The first time after purchase I used the mask as proposed by the manufacturer, by applying it on cleansed face for 15 — 20 minutes, twice a week. The mask is not pinching, not irritated my sensitive skin, not dripping off my face, smelled nice — the process of applying deserves a solid five. But the skin was no quite even and did not like the fact that is poorly washed off and the skin after its application were more fat than before. Honestly I suffered for two weeks and put it, writing in a completely unsuccessful product.

Some time later, however, I decided to give another chance to this mask I’m stubborn and I began to experiment — added dry blue clay to it and began to put it back on the manufacturer recommended time, and in forty minutes — an hour. And here the picture is quite changed. The mask is still not particularly good at sneaking, but the feeling fat face was gone after I washed it, and major inflammation significantly decreased in size. Peeling really cleaned, the skin was very plumped and calm. That’s it — a blackheads firmly remained in place as it narrowed, tone and skin texture remained the same.

Summing up his experience of product, I want to say that I think its unfinished. To buy the product that is positioned as a professional, itself something out there tinkering with it, add ingredi him solidly to increase the exposure time in order to get a positive result — I think it is unserious, to be honest. I will finish the jar, but the second time to buy this mask, I will not.

650₽price5/10оценка4 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, is acne

worthy composition
reduces inflammation by increasing the exposure time
big objimage washed off
does not fulfill all the stated promises of the manufacturer

For all that, the brand for me personally is sympathy and interest, the mask still decent and obviously planned conscientiously, the products of this brand in the future I plan to try at the meeting.

Friends, what is your opinion about this mask? Maybe advise some more masks from this manufacturer?

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