InterCharm runs a marathon “to Help physicians” to combat coronavirus


The project INTERCHARM runs the marathon “Help the doctors”, where doctors and staff of medical institutions receiving patients with COVID-19, will receive personal hygiene and skin care. So the industry will be able, at least indirectly, to maintain their morale and give them the opportunity to take care of yourself in between long shifts.

INTERCHARM team invites you to participate in this project, manufacturers, distributors and retailers having the ability to provide free cosmetic products from their range. Even a small effort can raise morale and keep a positive attitude, which is extremely important in this difficult period.

For its part, INTERCHARM will consolidate all organizational and logistical information, will provide coordination processes and will undertake all communication with medical institutions. To be part of the exhibition do not have to participate in the program. Information on how to participate in the Marathon “will Help Doctors” are listed on the website.

Now to transfer to medical institutions is the coordination of the collection of cosmetic products: care products, body moisturizing creams and lotions for the face, means for care of hair, deodorants.

Products to support physicians already identified a number of brands: Librederm, forlle’d, Ceramed (the “BIG”), Babor (company ERSTA), DiVina Bellezza (home Shopping Piemaggio), Monastic garden (the company “parley”), “Svoboda”, the initiative also joined the staff of NTS Gradient.

INTERCHARM encourages brands and retailers to join and take part in the marathon, regardless of whether the company involved in exhibitions or not. The team will provide connected to the marathon companies, individual motivational packages in the upcoming events of INTERCHARM and InterCHARM Professional.

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Now is the time to be supportive, cares about each other, to help and support and be grateful for the efforts of those fighting the spread of the virus, while the rest are at home.

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