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As you probably already guessed, the Fashion House is of Russian origin, which, unfortunately, is almost a stigma, as a pre-estimate of domestic products negatively. Of course, the Russian perfume and cosmetic industry as a whole, has experienced a lot of crises, but the situation has long stabilized, and the market can meet a lot of interesting and original proposals.
In my greedy hands got sixteen samples of fragrances Irina Vaganova and having carefully studied all of them, I came to the conclusion that the extreme originality of this line of perfumes. All flavors characteristic neizbity, memorable and very interesting. Today I’ll tell you about his impressions of four of them.

“The Seasons”

Lily of the valley, iris, lilac, white flowers, ylang-ylang, vanilla, incense, musk, toluansky balsam, amber

Unusual scent that just knocked me down the first time zatista. I simply applied a few drops on your wrist and… I was overwhelmed by memories of the carefree and have such a distant childhood. Lilies of the valley… lots of tiny white bells covering vast meadows surrounded by trees of a deciduous forest. Their delicate pure scent penetrated into every cell of my body and remembered forever. Spring, as I remember. The warm month of may and a crystal lilies of the valley fragrance for me, as an indivisible whole. An ideal start.
A few minutes first girl is shy, but more confident and uncompromising stands lush lilac is an essential companion waking up from a long winter sleep of nature. Along with lilies of the valley they form an interesting Duo, enveloping its softness and elegance.
And now the irises arrived, circling the owner of a floral whirlwind and leading her to the warm summer with its sweet intoxicating ylang – ylang from distant countries. A bit of Sunny amber and cashmere musk – and here, all seasons seemed to have passed and then enveloped both warm and slightly sour cloud. Here mixed all the blooming garden, the lonely forest after the rain, the hot sun warmed the bark of the tree…
Listening and raznashivaya the aroma of “seasons” I felt like the heroine of children’s fairy tale “twelve months”. In this case, perfume is not for children, but definitely fabulous. For special occasions, evening wear, feminine dresses and mysterious rites. There is something charming, warm and inviting and, as if from another era.

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Durability — up to eight hours on my skin. To listen the best is on the skin, the blotter is not able to reveal all its beauty which may give false impression.
The volume of bottle is 30 ml. is 3950 R.

CHE FIGO! Toilet water

Collection Voyage.
Direction: Citrus-woody fragrance
Main notes: lemongrass, bergamot, Limoncello, tea rose, black currant, Alpine violet, ebony, vetiver, amber, musk, patchouli, incense

Start impressed me with his courage and I think I had the wrong samples, however, all was in order. Uncompromising citrus blast, calling in its assertiveness.
Gradually it is joined by tart acidity of black currant, adding flavor and volume like a few harnesses it initially Mussolini message.
More bring lush femininity fragile buds of a tea rose how shy girls peeking through the curtain of lemongrass, bergamot and black wood that is already pochuvstvovala himself master of the situation and is in no hurry to retreat.
Through woody citrus notes make their way to the musk and ambergris permanently changing the original direction of the flavor, but without all the space. This woody citrus it remains until the end of the sound on the skin.
Very bright and bold perfume for motivated persons, who know their value. Aroma, which just cannot be unnoticed.

A volume of 30 ml.
Price 3500 rubles.

C – Level

Key notes: air-sea shades, honeysuckle, osmanthus, green leaves, patchouli, cedar, pine, juniper, sandalwood

Morning on the beach. A fresh breeze in the face, and a crystal spray of salty waves.
Bravely, boldly and with an intriguing hint of a sequel… which can wait no longer oboznachenie luxurious bouquet of exotic and obscenely expensive flowers.
But we should not delude ourselves. Now to the original icy freshness joined pine aromas of cedar, juniper and pine. Never thought about the fact that needles could be so different. They don’t score the original ensemble, only add to his aplomb, originality and reliability.
The freshness of neizbity, very unusual beat that only enhances the magnetism and the exotic. It would seem that no extraordinary notes, but as it sounds!
This fragrance is perfect for business meetings, get-togethers with friends, walks on the waterfront…

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Volume: 15 ml and 50 ml
50 ml — 4500 RUB.
15 ml — 2500 RUB.


Basic notes: greens, kiwi, osmanthus, lavender, watermelon fresh, coumarin, musk

Fruit – sweet and very energetic fragrance.
It probably will satisfy lovers of nature and travel through mysterious forests, long lakes and endless fields.
Initially tart green, juicy aroma of green grass, the weed that we often do not notice around. And among the concrete jungle and simply do not meet.
Add sour kiwi and watermelon fresh and you will get endless fresh whirlwind, which gradually join warm summer fruit. Musk barely audible, but it is very out of place. The resulting flavor is surprisingly clean, fresh, and unhackneyed. It is not secondary, at least I have not seen nothing similar. It gives energy and strength, makes actively pedal the bike and adjusts on a positive.

Volume: 15 ml and 50 ml
50 ml — 4500 RUB.
15 ml — 2500 RUB.

Instead of an epilogue:
That’s not such a very brief sketch of the most striking for my taste the fragrances of the House of Irina Vaganova I got after testing the samples supplied. As I said, beauty is extremely original and neizbity. The aromas out of time, you can pick up a bottle of even the most demanding tastes and for any occasion.
Resistance I was pleasantly surprised, less than five hours on my skin is not delayed or one of them, which is a rarity for me, as most of the usual perfumes flies just two or three hours.
Encouraged by the lack of cloying, too suffocating and vanilla notes. This is of course a matter of taste, but their abundance often distracts me from buying even initially very attractive popular flavors. Irina Vaganova is no such.
Most of the fragrances don’t have the time, they are simultaneously very modern and like from the last century. That only makes them more attractive and interesting.

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