Is it possible to accelerate the growth of hair on the head

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On average, the length of the hair increases by about 1-2 cm. Of course, many girls dream to spit grew as quickly as possible.

It turns out that it’s real. The main thing – to listen to the following tips:

1. Sort out your nutrition. About 90% of hair is composed of keratin. To hair growth was better in the diet should be enough protein.

2. Head massage should be a regular – thanks to the blood flow to the hair follicles, hair growth is accelerated.

3. Do not buy cheap tools for hair styling. In low-quality products, as a rule, a lot of acrylates and silicones. Acrylates create a dense film on the skin of the head and the air ceases to act. Silicones are easily washed away with shampoo. Ideally you need to give up straighteners and hair dryers.

4. Use shampoos with keratin, but without the sulphates and parabens. Such hair products repair damaged hair shafts. Hair becomes healthier and more beautiful.

5. The pace of modern life, the body lacks vitamins and minerals, so it is very important to add special additives and complexes that are sold in pharmacies.

6. Get rid of the plastic combs and buy the accessory made of natural materials.

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