Is it possible to rejuvenate two weeks? Clinique Fresh Pressed daily Clinical + overnight boosters with pure Vitamin C 10%+A (retinol).

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Clinique have updated a new set of two-step system of transformation for your skin Clinique Fresh Pressed daily Clinical + overnight boosters with pure Vitamin C 10%+A (retinol), consisting of two funds: the morning/evening, to Express rejuvenation, alignment, tone, texture of skin, giving it radiance and a visible reduction of age and mimic wrinkles. Today I want to tell you about this new product and my experience using it.

The kit includes two booster packs (whey) from vitamin C (in a concentration of 10%), it is necessary to use in the morning, one with the vitamin A (retinol), use it in the evening.

In order to use all the tools they need to strengthen. To do this, remove the protective foil, press 2 times on the button embedded in the bottom of the bottles, then 15 seconds, shaking them to keep the contents well mixed.

Such packages — “know-how” brand. They allows you to preserve the vitamins C and A prior, not allowing them to oxidize and decompose before use. Bottles have different colors: vitamin C — white-yellow, with vitamin a — white-purple.

For the forgetful: on the bottles there is a place where you can note the date you start using each of the boosters.

Now on the composition of the funds. I must say it is very impressive

and besides the vitamins in them a mixture of many things. I’m not going to disassemble the whole (here, I think, a good chemist/biologist needs to understand how it all combines and works), we just note that vitamin C in the first booster in a fairly active — 10% ascorbic acid, but in the second booster, the concentration of vitamin A is unknown, but Retinol is still somewhere in the beginning of the list. In addition to them, in the serum of many other active and beneficial ingredients.

Use boosters manufacturer suggests mixing them with your cream, adding 2-3 drops, before applying care on the face. It is very convenient and practical. The consistency is medium — mild gel, so the boosters are perfectly mixed with any textures.

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The system is designed for weekly use. Dripping in cream 3 drops claimed, on average, no savings, every product you will last for 2 weeks exactly. Booster with vitamin C could be used further, but it was oxidized, although the bottle still was.

Now, I will share my impressions of use. One important point – this system I used in my retirement, no assets!

Start with a morning booster. Claimed the main ingredient in it — vitamin C, the percentage which is 10%. Its effect is known and beneficial: reduces cell damage by UV rays, increases the effectiveness of sunscreens, reduces pigmentation and melisma plays an important role in collagen synthesis, and as a result – reduces the appearance of wrinkles. All is good, but is can be seen and evaluated only in long-term use of vitamin C, and in short, as with the booster, you can hardly understand, and feel, but visually noticeable, as the skin is lightened, made brighter and fresh. This is true. It would be possible to put an end, if not…

You’ve probably read warnings that high concentrations cause severe irritation and redness of the skin, so you should start to use such tools with low concentrations of vitamin C and if all is well, then gradually to increase it. 10%, in principle, considered to be the average concentration, but in my case was just such an irritation, and it is 10%. I’m talking about the first issue of booster Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster kit renewing cleanser containing pure vitamin C — Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing. This set was called the Powder Cleanser Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System With Pure Vitamin C. Remember how I got the system for testing, took photos,

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inspired and moved to testing. Added the booster into moisturizer Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, as advised by the manufacturer, and on the third day it all started. The skin is red and covered with small pimples, appeared itching. I must say in that time my skin was very sensitive. I freaked out, dropped everything and started to “treat” person. When he decided to return to the booster, overcoming fears, started to add it just a drop, but it is quickly oxidized (become a nasty yellow color), therefore all experiments had to stop. I had to use cleansing powders, which was just great))) But my review never appeared.

This time, I was ready to the same embodiment, and began to use a booster adding a drop a day, and indeed, on the third day on the cheeks appeared a touch of red, and on the wings, the tip of the nose, the chin a few small pimples that had to be removed, but that was all, and all so fast that I don’t even have time to get scared. By the end of the first week I forgot that was in some kind of trouble.

Perhaps such a successful outcome happened because this time the skin was very calm and mentally I was ready to use vitamin C and for mixing I chose another cream Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream for Mature skin. It is quite nutritious, although neutral to the vitamin C, because the skin I have an age that is prone to dryness.

The conclusion of this story did this: vitamin C is a very difficult asset, and people with sensitive skin since it is necessary to be careful. And finally I can say that for me it worked. The skin is pleasant to look at – brightened, freshened, there was that “glow from within”, and this is at the end of the first week of use.

Now a few words about the evening booster.

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I mixed with the novelty of the brand Darphin (the post about this cream I wrote recently).

With regards to the actions of vitamin A (retinol), then to assess him in two weeks is impossible, then he most likely works for the future. Here and manufacturer of a tool noted that the effect of an apparent decline in age and the wrinkles and tightened the skin can be seen only after 3 months of using this system.

And follow-up. Is it possible to rejuvenate two weeks? The answer is obvious — of course not! But the set I liked. A set of two booster packs with two different vitamin C and it seems to me more sensible than a set of booster with vitamin C and cleansing powders.

With regards to effect, it is, of course, but the minimum, but it’s for 2 weeks, and that’s pretty short for definitive conclusions. But, you know, for a woman my age matters any, even the slightest positive change. By the way, I’ve seen in the sale of dual-use sets of 4 vials (two for each vitamin) and I think this is a good start, because they will be enough for a whole month, and after such testing is already possible to make the most significant insights. I like this set to buy wanted.

The volume of bottles: vitamin C – 8.5 oz with vitamin And a little less 6 ml.

Usage time: every day for two weeks.

Price: set of two booster packs can be bought for 2 200 rubles, and a double set of 4 vials for 4 200 RUB

Evaluation: Convenience, efficiency, good result to give the Express the freshness of the skin, but take off points for not very correct positioning of the product (the fact that two boosters at weekly/fortnightly use) as an effective anti-aging tools, which is why only 4.

Thank you for your attention.



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