Is now repetitive and boring Nyx Shimmer Down lip veil Sdlv07 Sweet Mama and Sdlv01 Peach of my heart

Is now repetitive and boring new things from NYX

Sweet mama, the Peach of my heart (from left to right)

Before writing this post I was in full confidence that the full name of this wonder sverkali lip Shimmer Gown veil But I think it more accurately describes the product. Gown translates as dress/gown/outfit and is used for a very elegant dress products, often evening, “flying” silhouettes, light fabrics… But the first Association I have is a stunning boudoir robe of light mesh or silk with feathers or down in the finishing of the sleeves Ah, my dream.. And, considering that lip veil is translated as a veil for the lips, a very intriguing and at the same time elegant would name)) what do you think?)

So what I… this is what comes to me this product is weightless shining veil, clothe the lips. Gentle flying, feminine…

And now more.

TX for both products are the same and they are just beautiful! Feel on the lips are insanely comfortable! I do the glitter is not very… only Dior, because stickiness can not stand, but these… hmmm… this is a pure thrill. They are not sticky one iota! Not silicone, not oil, not slime. The texture is similar to jelly, but the consistency is the fact, incredibly similar to the gloss Dior Addict Gloss. Will not roll down and not run away, but just gradually absorbed and eaten

Lips moisturizes just heavenly. Peach mama even use the house as a balm))

By the way, that’s very important! Glittering particles is not felt on the lips when you RUB them against each other (lips ).

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Let’s move on finally to the main point — color))

Sweet mama this pink-fuxia base with blue sparkling particles, due to the refraction of light Sweet mama gives purple, but only in the bottle and on swatches, on the lips, he more pink.

Peach of my heart orange-pinkish base with fuxiao pink glittering particles in light pink and gold plays. Orange generally does not get neither on the lips nor on switch, which is odd because in the bottle it is clearly orange.

Now manyphotos under directional light

This flickering is mesmerizing

And now a photo on the lips

Before applying: lips outline onlySweet mama daymama Sweet daySweet mama, no outline, directional light, nightSweet mama, no outline, directional light, eveningPeach of my heart, the day of thePeach of my heart, the day of thePeach of my heart, no outline, directional light, eveningPeach of my heart, no outline, directional light, night

For those who are afraid that too will sparkle under direct light photo from afar) are All very decent IMHO))

Sweet mama, directional light, eveningPeach of my heart, directed light, night

Well as overall look with make-up)

Sweet mamaPeach of my heart

As a result, I want to say that they are perfect and try them for sure worth it)

Rating: 5++++++

Period of use: 3 weeks

Price: 590 roubles each

Thank you for your attention)

PS: What do you think about the name? Down or Gown?

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