Is the summer! MAC Powder 302 Sweet Kiss Lipstick, No Sugar and 308 Mandarin O

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I want to show you two of the very sun shades of the new MAC lipsticks, which name speaks for itself. Powder Kiss. Brand matte lipstick with powdery finish.

The manufacturer promises us the comfort of a balm, moisturizing with a matte effect of the lipstick.

A series of different Powder lipstick Kiss design is frosted, like a velvety, very pleasant to the touch “sleeve”. That is, among other MAC lipsticks they immediately be noticed.

As a discerning user of different lipsticks, it’s very difficult to describe the texture. It’s incredibly tender and melting lipstick, which is creamy component. Write and understand that the concept of something mutually exclusive. When applied on the lips is not a creamy lipstick and the velvety pollen, which instantly softens the lips. That is, if you touch them with your fingers — they are quite different than without lipstick.

Don’t need a pencil, don’t need a brush. Just lightly enough to hold lipstick, especially not drawing the contour, or to drive pollen fingertips, and blurry “zatselovali” circuit.

The weight of a standard lipstick 3 g, and the same familiar vanilla scent as other MAC lipsticks.

Like any bright colors, lipsticks require is peeled off smooth lip, or be a disaster. Pollen accentuate all the peeling and the coverage will be bald. I think that it is only with light shades, for example wine will act much easier and dark accentuate wrinkles, make lips even more attractive))

302 Sweet, No Sugar .

This is a peach pink hue. Very fresh, light and summer. I think it will be good under a light tan. My lips slightly my skin and exposes all the imperfections, such as elevation and dryness. That is, the lips have to be perfectly smooth, moisturized, then get good coverage. The most difficult shade “stronger Foundation”.

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Like to use when you need to wipe out lips, so the focus was on the eyes.

General (sorry, when doing the crossbow — always six chins and one solid, noooo)

308 Mandarin O .

Orange-pink. Red or orange? Such bold shades, I had no associations with the tropics. Wear with sunglasses, straw hat, somewhere near the equator) behaves much better sisters, as described above. In fact, the quality is absolutely identical, all the matter in the light shade, it is more difficult to lay smoothly and beautifully.



Powdery matte lipstick, but not as stable as the liquid solidifying. That is, if you touch the lips, it will leave a colored haze, with no clear trace. Due to its silkiness and softness, it occurred to me to try out the shades as a cream blush and loved it. Shaded easily and looks natural.

My lips do not dry completely, and if you compare with liquid lipsticks, these matte Powder Kiss seem particularly comfortable. Easily removed — the usual tonic or micellar water. Stand the snack, the pollen will come down a little in the middle, enough to close my lips and the coverage is restored, only a little paler.

I want to buy the third shade, some cool, winter pallor.

Rating: 5 – (difficulty of applying bright shades, otherwise VERY comfortable lipstick)

Price: 1480 RUB.

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