Is there a miracle shampoo? Truth and myths about hair washing

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How to care for hair to please you in appearance and did not bring extra hassle? We learned a few secrets.

The first myth that was dispelled by experts, the price of the shampoo. Now the price range is very large. But, according to trichologists, most people makes no sense to spend money on expensive shampoos, unless there are some indications, for example, after some treatments require special shampoos. In General it does not matter how much your shampoo, as its main purpose is purification. Therefore, we can save on shampoo and spend more money on skincare.

The shampoo does not solve problems with hair. In particular, the shampoo will not save you from dandruff, it can only help well to cleanse the skin of flakes and moisturize it. But the most common cause of dandruff is a violation of the General condition of the body, such as hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders and others. These problems will not eliminate any shampoo you need to contact the doctor to set and cure the real cause of dandruff.

Now the trend of different natural remedies by which you can care for your hair and scalp. But experts warn they must be careful. Although most folk remedies are various infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, should still be before using to prevent allergic reaction. With recipes for masks or shampoos that contain any chemical additives, is better not to communicate – is fraught with not only allergies but also much more serious problems.

Another myth is that frequent washing is harmful to hair. Trichologists claim – it is not. Hair should be washed as pollution and if you have oily scalp and you always use styling tools, it is possible to wash your hair every day. It is better to choose the special means intended for daily care, but the fit and shampoo that meets the needs of your skin.

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