Isa Dora Natural Matt Oil-free Foundation #10, #14

I love the tone. I love a good tone. And I love the related to tone. Often take any in several colors — winter, summer and transitional. You know, tones, I have had to accumulate the darkness)) But because I love them very much, to convince me not to try new things — it is impossible. Today I will tell you about 2, and plans for another 2!

Today about Isa Dora Natural Matt Oil-free Foundation in two shades — #10 Matt Porcelain and #14 Matt Beige.

As you know, it’s 2 shades for different seasons. For me it is winter and the transition either after the summer or early in the tanning process.

The tone is declared as matte and oil-free. That is, it is suited to normal and oily skin. I have normal, I can feel it very comfortable. I think it will be good and dry, a good thing to feed her, and then everything will be OK.

The tones are fed through a pump, it is possible to vary the amount of cream. You can squeeze out even a tiny amount to something correct, and you can extract most dose.

Tones Isa Dora Natural Matt Oil-free Foundation medium density and have a very good, tight coverage. I paint and shade tonal byteblastermv. They can vary the density from the most dense sometimes thin layer. I prefer medium to weightless — so the tone is not felt and is not visible on the skin, but at the same time, he does an excellent job of masking deficiencies.

During the day to wear not felt. I fixed a thin layer of finishing powder. Because they are Matt, a little Shine (very moderate healthy gloss rather), respectively, during the day with him, too, comfortable face shines much less. Is not a mask, lies beautifully in the pores, perfectly Blendable. Not oxidized.

Two shades together — #10 Matt Porcelain and #14 Matt Beige.

#10 Matt Porcelain enough light but not direct to snow white rather for srednestatistichny pale grebe. I’d like to call it neutral padonu, but he has a light yellowish tint. #14 Matt Beige — in my opinion, this is the right neutral beige, which is very versatile and suitable for all skin pattanam.

Isa Dora Natural Matt Oil-free Foundation #10 Matt Porcelain in action. I really came in shade and tone.

When the feather lies weightless and unnoticed as the skin and the eyes:

But in General the image looks like this:

Used these makeup products:

Isa Dora Natural Matt Oil-free Foundation #14 Matt Beige by TKH absolutely identical to #10, but darker. I dared him to show you on light skin too, otherwise the story would be incomplete and the subject of the notes was not disclosed)) But it seems to be really nice shade and even transition to the neck has been invisible. However, on the face makeup I have spent quite a lot of time, so while I of course defer, to warm bole of times, and then I will use it with pleasure. And #10 I now move almost constantly.

And overall image with #14

And then painted this:

What colors do you prefer? Brands? Effects? Share the seasons?

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