IsaDora Twist-up Matt Lips 72 Rose Rebel

Wow who’s back. Bored?💫

I haven’t spoiled you beautiful switchme, macro and all. That is why today I decided to show you a lipstick that is a very long time waiting and it’s finally here.

Lipstick with a very light creamy texture, so layering, shade and draw a clear outline is easy. If you have a strong peeling or dryness of the lips, before applying it is better to use scrub and a light balm. The lipstick does not dry lips, but seluchenko will point out (Matt still).

The finish is matte, Nona tightly. The lipstick is fixed in a few minutes, but still can be a little imprinted. Resistance is about 4-5 hours. Leaves no tint, tolerated well and does not fall on the junction of the lips. Lipstick without perfume.

One layer (natural light):

Two layers (artificial lighting):

As it turned out, my hair color greatly affects the perception of the shade of lipstick.😺

Of the minuses can be noted only that the lipstick can cling to the cap and

the photo shows the minimum size of a lipstick unscrewed (or screwed, hmm😃 ).

Weight, grams: 3.3 V.

600₽цена10/10оценка6 months, 4P/danapalooza

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