Isvara Anima Mundi. Mysterious India

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The founders of the brand Onyrico created a new brand of Anima Mundi, and unisex fragrances on the ancient civilizations. The collection includes 5 songs: Sun Ankh Amon, Dusara, Isvara, Pompeii and Tikal. The news was created by perfumer Andrea (Thero) Casotti.

The brand Anima Mundi convinced that the smell keeps the memory of the flowering of the human race and is able to penetrate into the most secret recesses of the human soul. In Latin the name means “Soul of the World”.

The Indians were special people and Europeans do not always understand the mysterious Indian soul. Each philosophical school (only in Hinduism there are six) interprets the word “Isvara”to his “conversation with God”, “higher cosmic mind”, “finding yourself”. Mystical and ancient India, with its intriguing secrets, the legacy of generations, spices and bright colors adorning the dusty streets are the inspiration of the fragrance Anima Mundi Isvara, which covers all the senses, calms the minds and hearts charms.

Isvara Anima Mundi, the fragrance for men and women, a group of Oriental woody spicy. Perfume: Andrea (Thero) Casotti.

Top notes: nutmeg and saffron

Middle notes: cashmere wood

Base notes: cypress

Color ochre and red. An overdose of lush saffron, generously dusted with ground nutmeg on a warm woody base. All Indian shops spices together. Saffron is one of the most expensive components in perfumery. Its aroma is astoundingly beautiful, iridescent, sharp, woody-sweet and tart at the same time. Saffron is enhanced by fragrant, spicy, tart-sweet and slightly peppery notes of nutmeg. These two notes create a powerful, thick sounding and spicy aroma. Precious spices are in the drawer of earthy-woody, with resinous inclusions, warm and enveloping cashmere wood, tart instructed-resinous note of cypress with a spicy-smoky and pine overtones.

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Isvara is very hard and the most intense flavor in the collection. More male than female.

Very stable and loopback. Beautiful glass bottle is dark red in color with a Golden lid, instructed a stylized stone a ruby. Someone from buyers of aromas are lucky: in one of the boxes with the aroma, there is a certificate for a real ruby!

The fragrance is available in Eau de Parfum concentration and volume of 75 ml.

Price: about 13 600 rubles in Russia.

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