“It won’t be long, soon will be a tree…” Meteorites Guerlain Meteorites Pearl Electric Christmas Holiday 2018

Cristmas ideas

Hello, beautiful ladies.

Your hundredth anniversary post I want to dedicate Guerlain Meteorites Pearl Electric Christmas Holiday in 2018 from the Christmas collection of makeup Guerlain Electric Look Makeup Collection Holiday 2018.

All who are interested, I invite under kat.

Well, let’s start with packaging.

Standard cardboard pink box will not show, it is very wrinkled upon delivery.

The meteors are in cans under gold:

Remember how we all were outraged that instead of down-filled jackets in the collection banks put foam sponges? Was devastadores. This year Guerlain has gone even further. No Swan puffs or faux fur “coat”, even the foam pad into a jar is not put at all. As a result, during transportation, meteorites are very much broken:

The beads are slightly different in size but very small not:


In total I counted 4 shades:

Bronze, white, creamy-pink and gold:

Bronze shade:

White, very shimmery, a shimmer here the biggest:



Balls are soft and the pigment is very willing to give:

All shades together:

Scored the pollen from the bottom of the jar and tightly put on the hand.

Electric lighting.


Daylight near a window clear.

Face BB cream:

Struck the meteor, very densely caused direct almost all the pollen balls with a brush hooked:


And electric lighting. Here then you can see how many shimmer, and a fairly large shimmer in these meteorites. Well, purely Christmas tree:

Well what can I say… I was very brilliant. Although already 3 times they were out walking and like no one didn’t say anything bad in the back did not look back and not whispered even a compliment once got that fresh look afraid really that flattered.

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Price: 3105 RUB with the maximum discount.

Rating: don’t know. What do you say?

Thank you all for your attention.

With you Milena.

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