It’s spring garden! Lime Crime Venus II XL

Even with the promo photo I’m troubled by it — how much of it is green, probably not very suitable to me specifically, plus an earthy brown… But looking a little closer foreign review, I realized HOW much got tired of the pink in the palette, the shades and the notorious pink Nude eyes. So green’s the new pink)

The palette arrived to me in a very short time — just 5 days.

She lay disheveled in a paper nest in a large box, in bubble film and plastic protection. I don’t have any palettes LC, so pay attention to design. The box is of very high quality multilayer cardboard, adorned with green branches with oranges in the center of Venus with herbal head of hair, woven in pink ribbon. Bronze spike crowned hair. As a hint of those amazing shades that lurk under the hood. Inside there is a decent mirror, brushes are not provided. Reily shadows comfortable and wide, the aroma of do not have. Product weight g. 26,28 a Total of 18 shades and I’ve taken the liberty to divide them into categories:

  • Matt
  • duochrome-toppers
  • foil
  • satin

The first three shades from the category matte, soft, like a buttery, it is not dust and do not crumble when applying:

In bloom, soft pink, the manufacturer says that you can use as a blush)

Sage, gray-green, to me, unique and very suitable

Ripe, warm brown

Classical — hot chocolate in the palette but on the skin is why it looks dark enough. The only thing remained a mystery to me in terms of its quality.


Radiant, looks white but is actually pink gold, can serve as a highlighter that does not contain sparkles

Obscure, Golden mint, gives very nice overflow

Foil, glittering like a candy wrapper from a chocolate, very soft to the touch, slightly grainy, but she grinds on the skin to pollen. Can fall down only if you generously scoop. Better to apply with your finger or a flat synthetic brush.

Crown, pink champagne

Myth, Basilisk skin, gray-green with a Golden sheen

Eve, a pink tree

Satin, most of them very soft, supple, not loose, perfect shade

Thorn, Dark bronze with icy blue sparks. Something similar is seen Tammy’s Tanuki like “Ice crab”. I do not exist, because of the unusual and unique is its shortcut)

Forbidden, honey peach

Stella, a basic Nude-pink-peach satin

Laurel, warm and absolutely necessary for green eyes, khaki

Ivy, ivy, cleverly clinging onto life, on a photo it is difficult to grasp, but there are microscopic pink sparkles

West, plum-coffee

Mystic, fading tea rose

Phoenix, the fiery feathers of the magical immortal bird, the name speaks for itself, and not disingenuous

Locust — olive shade on coffee database.

Palette for those who are tired of the abundance of pink shadows in varied form, it contains the colors that are associated with Spring — wet grass, gray-green snake (what is a garden without a snake?), modest pink and peach, natural shades of earth, leaves and wood, birds singing, and the molten sun. All the shadows seem fine on the base, do not dry the eyelids (Hello, Tarte👿 ), didn’t fall under the eyes, perfect in shading.

The only drawback — no really dark shade to darken the outer corner. However, I capricious, as dark there and someone will be enough. Plus pencil underlay solves the problem.

As an example (Stella in the inner area, Sage in the middle of the mobile eyelid, Cassical in the outer area and the lower eyelid, Ripe in the crease).

All three foil shade on a movable century and Classical in the external area. Sage on the lower eyelid. This is my favorite bottle right shade)

In the sun it looks like this (without any correction):

Rating: 5 (love it!)

Price: I got for 3800 RUB

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