IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum

Propolis and sea buckthorn to restore the skin.

I love propolis and bee products to care for, and separately love the sea buckthorn, and when they converge in one means to endure the unthinkable.

Brand iUNIK is a young Korean brand, who chose the concept of the brevity of the compositions. However, the brevity only happened with Korean TZ they usually have the compositions tend to infinity, and these can even master to end 🙂

The brand had a small range, and each tool is built around one (maximum two) of the ingredients for traditional Korean cosmetics.

Actually, that’s the whole range.

Hydrophilic oil, foam, peel-roll, three-toner, two cream, one sleeping mask (night cream) and a special feature of the brand, from which Peeps the whole instagram and not only serum.

Tea tree, Propolis, Black snail, Gluconolactone and Galactosides.

The compositions of the most eco-friendly, no alcohol, mineral oil and parabens.

The prices are adequate.

I wanted propolis and sea-buckthorn and serum iUNIK with such a composition is designed specifically for my skin type: for dry aging Mature.

It is designed to soften, whiten, nourish, brighten and soften wrinkles.


Write that in the 70% extract of propolis, however, is not quite clear, perhaps, is the concentration of the extract used in the composition. But in any case, the propolis in the first place.

Also write that in the 12% of the vitamin C from the extract of sea buckthorn, and that the synergy of propolis, and vitamin C gives a magical effect in the solution of the above tasks.

But sea buckthorn is good not only in vitamin C, it is almost a miracle cure for skin regeneration. Love it.

Well, then there are a lot of tasty and familiar: rose water, Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, honey, beta-glucan, allantoin, arginine, adenosine, licorice extract, bergamot fruit oil, Centella asiatica, Portulaca oleracea extract, witch hazel, pomegranate, ficus, etc.

Understand cut as I could, but still comprehensive tool 🙂

And really, lit up the ingredients for the solution of all tasks.

Composition, in my opinion, beautiful.

Packaging — glass bottle 50 ml. special thanks to the manufacturer for silicone limiter for pipettes. The texture of the serum is such that it sticks to the pipette, and the limiter removes the excess.

Here you can see that the pipette is almost dry, a few drops remained. A limiter device is that it works both ways on the return stroke, these drops are scraped off and fall into the vial, do not clog the restrictor.

Therefore, the bottle and the neck clean.

The texture is something in between jelly and gel. The serum is relatively thick, but a small drop is stretched on the face.

Here’s a moist when crushed.

Absorbed well and quickly, leaves no stickiness and feeling of the film, only a little softened and hydrated the skin with a light honey smell.

For me body the serum and not close enough, so the cream on top optional.

What can I say… very Very I like it.

Her skin is calmer, less red is not the case, looks more fresh and healthy, it is better tretinoin or recovering from certain procedures.

The serum adds stability to different factors that usually cause irritation on my skin, but then, I guess she’s in the common Fund contributed, because sedatives have a lot in a rut.

Despite its lightweight texture, the overall pie this serum significantly adds softening and moisturizing. And even food, Yes, although it to a lesser extent.

She does not have on the skin is not felt: none of the stuffiness of, no greasiness, no clogged pores.

Very comfortably tolerated.

And despite what is stated for dry skin, it is not oily and not heavy, so perfect combination, I think.

If I were to describe the serum, I would say that it is a regenerating and revitalizing the skin health.

Any significant effect on wrinkles and pigmentation, I said no, but the overall complexion with her beautiful.

The consumption is small, although it is as you wish, to absorb the serum well in almost any quantity.

For my experiment, I used it solo for a while, but I like to mix a drop of serum 1004 Laboratory Bifida Hexa Layer Fermentation Essence and Propolis right in the palms and apply on face the mixture. Paint and around the eyes and on the neck/decollete, how to stretch… a Great complement to each other.

Overall grade iUNIK seemed very interesting to me, plans to try other means. Sleeping pack, toners — it’s all in the pencil hold…

Price 1200-1500 rubles for 50 ml, depending on the point of sale.

The testing period is 9 weeks

Otsenka 5!

Girls are familiar with the brand? That tried?

And funds with propolis and bee products like? 🙂

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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