Jane Fonda: “I look young thanks to plastic surgery”

Jane Fonda

You can’t argue with the fact that in its 80th year, Jane Fonda looks fantastic. And, by the way, recently released a new documentary by HBO about the life of the actress “Jane Fonda in five acts” (Jane Fonda in Five Acts), in which she said that his youthful mind must not genes, but plastic surgeons.

I’m glad I look good for my age, but I had reconstructive surgery. I’m not going to lie on this subject,

— shared the star.

According to Funds, women who often go under the surgeon’s knife, trying to heal the psychological wounds. Jane herself had been sexually abused in childhood and in adulthood. And not so long ago she admitted she changed the shape of the chin and did blepharoplasty:
I’m sorry I had to change their facial features. I love old people faces. I like live person. I love the face of Vanessa Redgrave. I’m sorry I couldn’t be brave. But I am who I am. I managed to stop in time. Of course, it would be better to not have the courage to do anything at all, but I think with the plastic won another ten years of active work. The danger is — when you like the result, you want more.

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