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A post about my most favorite hairbrush ❤ ⬇

Suddenly you need an idea of budget, but cool gift for the upcoming holidays?)

Really thought long and hard about whether to write this post. Because what you can write about the comb? Like and like and all))) But I want to share, so I still try ????

About the Janeke brand I knew nothing before this of my random purchases. But for the post, of course, read about it. The company manufactures hair brushes and other accessories from 1830 ???? For the production of goods used as historically traditional materials: ivory, celluloid and galatic and modern: plastic and injection molding. Mark States that all products are handmade and produced only in Italy. Don’t know how true the story “hands, not machines”, but my brush I like)

My hair brush refers to the range of Superbrush. The company Janeke States that “massage the base of the brush” is patented and consists of a “base with holes in the shape of a bee-hive” ????

The structure of the brush allows you to dry hair evenly without damaging the scalp and hair. Note that the claim of the manufacturer, not my own))

So, about comb and my impression is, in fact:

  • Very neatly done, easy, conveniently lies in a hand:
  • Brush height of about 20 cm, the height of the bristles is about 2 cm. it Looks simple — a regular plastic brush-massazhka.
  • Since then, I accidentally bought it at a popular chain stores, comb almost only to her.

For a General understanding: my hair is almost the worst part. On the one hand, they are porous, slightly curly and very prone to frizz. On the other — I don’t like to comb. Yes, it is) I Hope it’s not only my problem and you don’t think me a freak))) ???? But here’s the truth — my mother always says, in response to my question: “why all the girls in the photo and beautiful with braids, and hairstyles, etc., and I with four of a kind or it is not clear what on your head?” — I since the childhood did not give her any braid braids, nor do pigtails etc was Screaming that it hurt, and even to comb me — there was a problem. And I believe her — because now all also))

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I don’t like to comb, and especiallywhen it makes another person, for example, the hairdresser. Therefore, despite the regular masters when the moment comes X in the cabin, I have goosebumps in advance from future discomfort. In General, I have super sensitive roots of the hair or scalp or I don’t know what, and I really can be frustrating when combing the hair.

I have long used the famous tangle teezer brush and, in principle, it is, of course, better than conventional massage brush. Or even just used a comb with wide spacing between the teeth. But when I bought Janeke Superbrush — all others dropped.

She is very comfortable and gently combing her hair and I do not feel discomfort! For the first time. I think you carry it with you to the salon to give the master to comb me with it ???? if your hair is very confused — for example, after my recent hospital, when it was impossible to wash my hair for a long time and I used dry shampoo and it was awful awful to the final — unraveling has caused discomfort even with this comb. But still, this is an exceptional situation. In General, combing is very comfortable, but what else do you need from a massage brush?)

I understand that there may be comments from the “same comb you can buy on a Chinese website (or in the subway))) per 100 PY.” I’m not going to argue ???? Can only say that I like this brush more than the original Tangle Teaser, so to compare it with the combs out of transition I do not see sense, especially considering that Janeke is very budget.

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The result is this: if you need a good brush for yourself or perhaps the baby or just the idea of a small nice gift — I highly recommend this line of Janeke. Superbrush’and is in different colors, I have the most nadowa, probably) Sold in one of the largest cosmetic chains.

Price: now without discounts 600 rubles., with “gold” ???? a map of the store 450.

Term test: about 2 months.

Rating: 5.

*** Anya.

Do you have a favorite hair comb or can use any? Familiar with the brand Janeke?

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