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Hello, reader! Today I want to talk about the top coating from Jouer Cosmetics in collaboration with Jeffree Star. Anyone interested, please????

Before that I didn’t have such tools, but I am a lover of lipsticks and the entire “lip”.

Before buying I watched the video of Jeffrey, read reviews, and this overclock lips lured me.

From advertising campaigns

When I received the package and opened the package, I thought that the size of the product small. The box itself is pink in colour, the inscriptions on the front side of the holographic, there is a signature of blogger, logo of its brand at the side of the package. Also displays a description of the funds, how to apply, composition.

The bottle is beautiful, clear with clear lines, cap color red gold with the logo on top of Jeffrey. I like that you can consider the hue.

The standard applicator comfortable, gaining a sufficient amount of the product.

Smell: sweet, candy kind.

Color: topper features a pink base color with a mixture of sequin. Sequins assorted: blue, pink, gold. On the lips of most of all visible gold.

In the sunWith a flasha Blur

The feature of this product, I think, lies in the fact that it contains not small shimmer, like glitter, and slightly larger and more sequins. They give a “wow” effect to the lips. With the top coated lips look like a disco ball in the sun check out the beautiful sparkle, shimmer. If you want to add something interesting to your lipstick, you at.

I tried to apply to clean lips and I didn’t like: my lips are not pigmented, without the aid of pencil looked like I dipped them in the sea sequin????

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My advice is to only use on top of pencil/lipstick, etc. Or if my lips are very bright. Also, the manufacturer advises to apply the top coating thin layer, with which I agree, because if you apply too much, it seems to me, lips will be uncomfortable. The product is thick, one coat is more than enough.

To work with such a coating will not go because everyone would stare at her lips, so that the product is “out”, so to speak.

Touching your lips together felt sequins, but the product is not sticky.

As for the socks, the product is very comfortable. When I testile it just on your lips, it struck after a while even forgot that I was wearing makeup. Perhaps it is the coconut oil which is in the part.

About durability I can say that the topper is going through a great active talking, water. Will not spread out, not creeps. After a full meal, of course, most of the product is lost, but remain the most resistant small sequins along with tincom from lipstick.

Lips with lipstick Clinique Pop Lip Colour+Primer as a base (applied a light layer)With the top surface (visible blue, gold sparkles)To the sunCloserCommon vickrey effect on the lips. ♥_♥
Comfort in use and wear.
Gluten-free.The inaccessibility.

Summary: if you want to diversify your lip makeup, to add something new, this remedy will please its owner.

Price: 16$ + shipping.

Rating: 5.

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