Jelly – the new beauty trend


Kline, a company specializing in market research, said one of them about the growing popularity of the jelly products in the field of care cosmetics and personal care products.

Kline, an international consulting and research firm, said that its analysis of the latest trends in the beauty industry is based on the continuous collection and processing of data from approximately 15 sites of leading retailers. His new interactive online service Amalgam uses a patented algorithm to evaluate cosmetic products based on their ranking of best – selling rankings, compiled by buyers, prevalence and duration of dynamics marketing.

For example, jelly-like products appeared in the segment of face masks in the second quarter and improved their assessment and ranking in comparison with the first quarter, according to Amalgam. This suggests that consumer demand for these products is on the rise.

“As consumers continue to use face masks, especially sheet, in its procedures for skin care marketers are exploring the potential of new textures in their products” – explain analysts Kline.

Kline data show that Facials are the category of personal hygiene products that provides for active development of innovation. And primarily, they relate to sensory perception of the product, which explains the popularity of the jelly texture of these masks.

For example, night mask from Lancome Rose Moisturizing Jelly Overnight Mask first appeared in June, and at the moment is 465 place in the market in the segment of the masks explained in Kline. The firm declares that the number of gelatinous products in the Amalgam, is expected to increase in the third quarter in connection with the release of summer products in 2018, including masks like Moon Juice Beauty lip Plumping Serum Shroom Jelly, Glow Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Sheet Mask and Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly.

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However, the mask is not the only category that gets a jelly-like texture. According to Kline, other jelly-like products, rising in the ranking of the second quarter, include lipstick Pretty Jelly Flower Diva Lipstick, lip gloss Lancôme Juicy Tubes Jelly Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss tint and Jelly Tint Lancôme Flower.

“This quarter saw a sharp increase. So tint eyebrow Tint Eyebrow Batti Jelly moves to 506 place, up from 748 1 place from the end of the first quarter,” the experts say Kline.

Lush is another player who has experimented with many forms of jelly. Last summer the company launched a new product for the bath, called Jelly Bomb. Recall that recently the same company has released a Foundation in bare package.

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