Jewels on nails from Beauty Bigbang


Sat up something I have to get back to makomanai and today I want to show and share their opinion about several interesting and beautiful lucky brand Beauty Bigbang from the collection of Duochrome Glitter Nail Polish.

I ask you to look at.

Start with the General technical characteristics, and they have all the polishes are the same.

Each bottle is Packed in a separate cardboard box.

Texture medium, paint nails conveniently, the lacquer will not flow.

Texture — glitter. Transparent base filled with many very delicate duochrome foil, nail falls subtly, never sticky, not crumpled, not bristling. Sami foil flakes little.

Since the database is transparent, it’s best to lay these coatings on the colored base, but quite wearable and will look at three ordinary layers.

Dries the coating is short, about 10 minutes, but I always cover the top of the dryer, my Revlon 960. Removed simple, regular IDSL without effort, despite the fact that the glitter, the flakes of the nail does not stick, the hands do not crawl.

Brush comfortable, trimmed in a semicircle, the hairs never stick.

The brush is convenient to go to the cuticle area, is well disclosed, the hairs are soft but firm, distribute the flakes evenly.

So, the first representative — Beauty Bigbang Duochrome Glitter Nail Polish #009. Purple with overflow in blue and olive. Two coats on a black base, plus a top.

Beauty Bigbang Duochrome Glitter Nail Polish #010. Bright green, almost poisonous, with overflow in blue. Will appeal to fans of the “beetles”

Database role blue glass Masura Palm Island, you can watch it here

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Two layer and single layer top.

The third representative of the collection Beauty Bigbang Duochrome Glitter Nail Polish #006. Rose gold with hints of orange and iridescent blue and green. In the role of base grey blue Mavala Twilight Blue.

Two layers and a layer of the top.

Penultimate, in my opinion, the most beautiful shade of Beauty Bigbang Duochrome Glitter Nail Polish #008. Emerald with overflow in blue, purple and fuchsia.

The substrate Anny purple Purple Rain, show it here

Two coats and a top.

And the last, sapphire hue Beauty Bigbang Duochrome Glitter Nail Polish #007. The blue color is almost local, only with artificial light purple Peeps overflow.

I have two coats of the blue jelly Naillook 30506, you can watch it here and top.

All pictures are taken in daylight.

Despite some specificity, after all it’s not every day revile such active color, lucky personally, I really liked it. Paint easy and simple look bright and elegant, decorated with nails.

Volume: 9 ml

Price: about 400 rubles each.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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