Jo Malone: Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne

At the end of last year I somehow felt that it’s time to change your perfume wardrobe. Instead of the once beloved but now unused water, is to acquire a new, more interesting and relevant. And decided to start with my favorite fruity — peach/nectarine. The choice fell on Cologne Jo Malone — Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

That I like to imagine the aroma of the peach, I realized after the purchase is absolutely a children’s toy and toilet water from Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature with a straightforward name of a Juicy Peach. Mini-20ml bottle I used very quickly, and then bought 100 ml. And, Oh the frustration, I have either soured, or spoiled, but just over six months aroma got corrupted and had to be thrown away. Since then, I often reminisced about it, but to buy again was in no hurry. And I recently learned about Nectarinia color and Honey from Jo Malone, which I expected to like it after satest in the boutique.

Perfume released in 2005, his nose is Jo Malone. Stated as unisex is a floral fruity sweet fragrance.


Top notes: Green notes, blackcurrant, Petitgrain

Middle notes: Nectarine, Leachate

Base notes: Vetiver, Peach, Plum.

Despite the various components of the pyramid, I can hear and distinguish only three: green notes felt just a few seconds after application, volatilizing instantly. After the freshness comes the sweetness of the peach. Perhaps, who distinguishes the scent of nectarine and peach, but to me they taste almost the same, not to mention the smell. Later, the peach joins leachate, giving that same feeling of Megawati and warmth.

On me the scent lasts longer than I expected. Even after 4-5 hours after application, I feel this peach honey on its own and clothing and all may be delayed for a few days.

Due to its fruitiness, the fragrance may seem frivolous and soap, because quite often flavored peach perfumed soap and shower gels. For me, it does not create problems, on the contrary, gives a sense of purity, as if just came out of the shower.

And the aroma of summer and joy. Now in winter when you apply this fragrance, I feel like mentally go in the orchard, drenched in sunlight and warmth. One has only to stretch a hand to pluck a succulent nectarine fruit and enjoy its alluring aroma and taste.

Of course, there is almost no disclosure and development of the fragrance on the skin, it’s all straightforward and linariae, but I like it.

Indicative price: 105 EUR/100 ml

Do you like fruit flavors? One may also have a favorite note? And what scents Jo Malone is worth to listen to? And then I have a desire to buy something is still there, but the variety a little lost.

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