Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner

Done! Finally, I joined the “Cult Jo Malone” by ordering one of the famous colognes, while deciding to try and lip balm (honestly, bribed appearance). Is it worth to pay attention to it β€” my opinion πŸ™‚

From Jo Malone are two lip balm (not only the flavors, who do not know) in the jar and in a soft tube. I chose the second option, because for home use I already have in a jar from Chanel, and it is very uncomfortable. And if the jar is like “English Mint & Ginger”, who just want to try, then there’s just “Vitamin E” :)) Tube Packed in a cardboard box where all the information.

It’s hard to be a girl β€” about the design I want to say more about the content, though the latest did not disappoint. Cardboard is very similar to the Burberry packaging is also matte with a rough texture and Golden elements. Tube black glossy standard form. Sorry for the worship of the balm, but it really looks luxurious, beloved classic, despite the primitive shapes: a) Inside 15 ml.

The composition, which I completely understand is on the box πŸ™‚

The balm is a yellowish hue, of medium thickness, but the lips would be a thin layer, meatier to put not very successful. The smell (and taste) is something neutral honey immediately when applied lightly cools, he found a menthol, but it’s just a minute (who doesn’t love). As I understand it, it used to be spf 15, but apparently it’s decided to remove it, sorry. As for overall its fragrance will suit those who don’t like any flowers and fruit, there is nothing superfluous πŸ™‚

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On the lips immediately after application. Do not expect any visual effects β€” it’s just a balm. Jo Malone is not deceived β€” he actually restores and nourishes. Restored in one night killed (after oil from Clarins) and sun-dried lips! Of course, this “wow” I never felt, because his lips were already in good condition πŸ™‚ It’s not SOS, but now I want to only use them. After applying you feel it for another 2-3 hours even with snacking, then you can upgrade, but if you leave everything as is, lips are not returned to the dry state, they are nourished and hydrated. White stripes are not slipping, on the lips of almost not felt some extra fatty layer lips look well-groomed. Despite the price, I would definitely repeat. Moreover, ask for more colognes in the collection πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t think when ordering that Jo Malone can do these cool lip balms πŸ™‚

Cost: 2100 RUB per 15 ml.

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