Juicy Nude: KIKO Milano Jelly Stylo #509 Persian Red

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Succumbing to the weakness of the discounts in the shop KIKO Milano I bought a lipstick from the Jelly Stylo — for me it was a novelty, as lipstick from KIKO I still have not tried. I bribed juicy “jelly” formula and shade #509 Persian Red which blended perfectly with my natural lip color. At the same time, I decided to compare Jelly Stylo lipstick Colour Up Shine On from the Essence, because it also promises a similar finish.

I love the different textures in lipsticks, so I couldn’t resist not to try something new. Series Stylo Jelly is a gel lipstick with medium pigmentation and a glossy sheen. The line includes 14 shades, made in Italy, the weight of the lipstick 2, Originally sold in a cardboard box, which contains all necessary information, including the composition.

The lipstick tube is, in my opinion, stupid — to put it vertically, close the blind (because I need to get the “pimpochka in pimpochku”). Plus the number of the shade is only on the sticker on the side, and I have a suspicion that this piece of paper quickly obtrepalas. On the other hand, in a closed form lipstick is like some kind of futuristic capsule — it’s funny.

The stick is held firmly, but I do not remove much when using fondant — so I prefer to control the application. There is a very light sweet perfume, the taste of lipstick I don’t feel that I am very glad, because another similar lipstick Colour Up Shine On Essence is well, it is very Intrusive sweet taste that disappears only with the gathering of lipstick.

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The consistency of the lipstick is like a thick balm, applied and layered easily on the lips is not felt. Due to the “juicy” finish and gloss — makes lips visually bigger and disguises any flaking and dryness. For winter, in my opinion — a very nice option! Lips after use remain nourished and soft. But with this texture some time after the application is revealed and minus the item may be slightly spread in the corners of the lips ???? of Course, looks are not critical and easily corrects however I was disappointed in this behavior. Tried to wear lipstick pencil is easily corrects the problem of wicking. Again comparing with the Essence for Colour Up Shine On such a behavior was observed.

Swatch Jelly Stylo #509 near 10 shade Essence — Colour Up Shine On. To be honest, I Swatch a little upset, because it’s Essence looks warmer than in life. But don’t let that fool you — on the lips of these two shades look different.

From left to right: KIKO Milano Jelly Stylo #509 Persian Red one touch, in several layers; Essence Colour Up Shine On #10 in several layers (daylight).

Swatch on the lips

Bare lips (daylight)KIKO Milano Jelly Stylo #509 Persian Red (daylight)Essence Colour Up Shine On #10 (daylight)

On the lips the lipstick from Essence looks more cool, it has more dusty pink notes, and KIKO Milano red. Shade from Essence has a fairly unique balance of color that does not go away in the cold and brightening the lips. Lipstick from KIKO too pleased with its tone — in a General way it seems to have merged with my lips, making them luscious and glossy.

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The overall image using lipstick KIKO Milano Jelly Stylo #509 Persian Red

Lips KIKO Milano Jelly Stylo #509 Persian Red (artificial light)

Price: £6.90 (often there is a discount -30%)

Rating: 4 — (cons over flowing and not a very convenient package)

What are the formulas of lipsticks KIKO Milano likes you? Are there certain shades in Pets?

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