Justifies its cost expensive hand cream?Sulwhasoo, Essentrue Deep Nourishing Hand Cream EX

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Another hand cream that I bought in the fall. I was particularly interested in the Korean expensive creams Sulwhasoo and The history of Whoo, which are famous for their luxurious textures.

The cream is sold in individual cardboard box. She’s not completely white as it may seem. Sides she trimmed signature holographic pattern of the brand in the form of snowflakes.

The packaging is simple, but not devoid of grace, peculiar to the aesthetics of Sulwhasoo. This lovely pale pink powder shade didn’t want to dismiss out of hand.

Unscrew the lid. Dispenser always spotlessly clean.

The cream is a gorgeous texture gently whipped fluid. When applied to the skin feels oily, but it disappears as soon as the cream is absorbed. Heat from the skin cream melts and becomes like a liquid cream lotion that envelops the skin like an expensive silk gloves. Without stickiness and greasy residue after applying, you can safely go about their business without fear to get dirty with oil stains all around.

The smell is a crime against the consumer. Cosmetics should not so to smell because the cream with a similar smell want to buy immediately! If someone previously enjoyed the care of Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing line, then you probably remember that divine spicy-sweet flavor with tart herbs.

Now that I have something to compare, I wonder for whom these expensive creams? It seems to me that for the pampered and spoiled nebozhitelnitsa.

Sulwhasoo has moisturizing and nourishing properties, but they also will not be enough to protect your hands from hard tap water and harsh winter frosts. It has oil and a lot natural extracts of herbs, flowers and plants. But oil seems quite easy, because the cream is enough fat and oily. It perfectly softens, moisturizes and supports the well-groomed hands. He has a bit of brightening and improving skin tone effect — with regular use, skin becomes very smooth, sleek and shiny (on my arm with swatches cream is clearly visible — I could not do a normal Swatch and the whole smeared this cream).

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When it was hot, it was enough for me and moisturizing, and nutrition — there was a stable prolonged effect. Now, when it’s cold out, I notice that two hours later I need to re-apply the cream because the skin becomes unpleasant to pull. It’s so strange that it’s not even funny.

Honestly? Yes, I love this cream. I like the texture, smell and stable care. He has good healing and restorative properties is the right choice for the regeneration of damaged skin. But the main problem is not solved. Cream copes in the warm seasons but what will I do in the winter?

The composition (without mineral oil)

Country of origin: South Korea

Period of use: from August 19, 2018

Price: 100 ml — 250 yuan (about 2483 RUB)

Rating: 5-. In winter, the cream is not suitable, but it is very versatile for summer and warm spring or autumn. Well suited for routine care. Volume 100ml skin cream is very economical. Well compliment the texture and flavor — I’m biased here, because luxury, I confess.

So the packaging looks cream compared to the other. Sulwhasoo — 100 ml; Nuxe — 75ml; Roger&Gallet, which I’m saving for fragrant flavor — 30 ml; stinky Filorga, which is still not over, 50 ml at first I thought that Sulwhasoo rare in the sale, but then found another cream L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 150 ml Shea Butter I had, and this aluminum tube generally unaffordable. Sulwhasoo compared to it is much easier and fits better in the hand.

And a little news. The cream has already updated. Changed the packaging, name and price. Now the tuba bottom is the same signature pattern of snowflakes. The name was simplified Essentrue Hand Cream, and cheaper price of 230 yuan (2284 rbl.). Whether this affects the composition and quality — I do not know.

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