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This palette was among the first ones presented to me. At that time I only got hooked on the shadows and my max in makeup was a simple Nude of a pair of shades 🙂 it would be Logical to get something more neutral, since I was so keen to buy something, but also not interesting) and a nice discount on this palette has convinced me that will understand later, but for now you just have to pay)

Initially, the palette was Packed in a cardboard box with exactly the same design. All information about shadow was only on the box, so the composition I took from the site.


Talc, Mineral Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Iron Oxides, Mica, Kaolin, Ethylehexyl Palmitate, Chromium Oxide Greens, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet, FD&C Yellow 5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue 1 Al Lake, Ferric Ferrocyanide, FD&C Red Al Lake.

Just a palette 12 shades total weight – 45 g. Each refil weighs 3,75 gr. The price of. the website now with no discounts $ 25, then every refil is only $ 2. Price per gram out of all penny to 55 cents. English sites the cost of samples less than 30 pounds. But even so, the cost of a gram and individual refil small)

Inside the palette was just the protective film. Brush and mirror no.

Of the 12 shades of matte 4, the remaining 8 – shimmer.

About chic pigmentation of these shadows, I think everyone knows) But here I want to mention that the matte pigmentation is not as intense as chemerow – they are a little paler.

Swatch with your finger on bare skin

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All shade is good shade, but because of pigmentirovannoy to instruct spot more than real. This applies particularly to dark shades.

Separately want to say about steadfastness in the composition of mineral oil on the troubled centuries of the shadow roll in the crease in a few hours. Before purchasing this palette I have used bases and ArtDeco NYX HD, but the shade rolled down. By the way, the Knicks held on for a couple of hours longer than Artdeko) In the end, I bought the base from NARS, it’s all OK, the evening shadows in the same form as in the morning. But in the intense heat, I still prefer to use something else, makes me feel good)

Matte are drawn well with a brush, a rather tightly compacted, so do not raise dust. Layered well.

Matte shades with a brush on the bare leather — Morocco, Niger, Jezebel, Kenya.

Shimmer are transmitted to the skin as a finger, and brush. But some shades of the brush fall off (they have a coarser grind) – in the photo, I specially did not look like shedding to illustrate) the Texture of all chemerow very gentle, if a little creamy. I prefer to apply them with your finger, but the flat brush is also possible. Dry will need a little layering and it is better to do your eyes before the tone, as some colors will fall off. With a damp brush.

Shimmer skin — brush- Sheba, Yaa, Zuri, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Nairobi, Leyla, Egypt.

And every row closer)

Morocco – matte orange.

Madagascar – matte brown ochre.

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Sheba – brown-bronze shimmer, one of those that the stronger fall due coarse.

Yaa – shimmer rust color, too, crumbles.

Jezebel – Matt plum in refile, eyes the color is not as pigmented and more pink. Layered well, no problems.

Zuri is absolutely hassle-free shade of champagne color – I use it almost all the looks with this palette — either on the eyelid or in the inner corner.

Cleopatra is a bright metallic blue. Despite the fact that the photo beside it visible crumbs in the make-up he almost does not crumble, although this shade I was expecting big problems)

Nefertiti – gold-orange metallic, don’t fray.

Nairobi – gold shimmer, as said friend, samovar 🙂 Not raining.

Leyla – dark purple to brown base, flaking. The most underutilized in the palette.

Kenya – matte brown, great layering — I use it for light to darken the crease and a deeper darkening the outer corner.

Egypt is a tinge of grass, after which I fell in love with the green shade) is Also a coarser grind and fray, but not as much as the others.

All make-UPS taken in daylight near a window, the first two on a Sunny day, third and fourth in a little cloud)

In the external area Kenya, all Zuri century, Egypt on the lower eyelid, in the inner corner of Nairobi. Egypt is applied in a thin layer, it can be much brighter)

Kenya in the crease and outer corner, Jezebel in the crease, outer corner and on the lower eyelid, on the movable century, Nairobi, Jezebel on the lower eyelid, in the inner corner of the Zuri.

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Kenya in the crease, outer corner and on the lower eyelid, Madagascar in the crease and outer corner, on a movable century Sheba, on the lower eyelid and the mucous membrane of Cleopatra in the inner corner of the Zuri.

In the crease and outer corner of Kenya and Morocco, on a movable century Nefertiti and Yaa, Yaa on the lower eyelid, in the inner area Nairobi macro inner corner looks somehow prostukivaniem in my life have noticed.

Rating: 5, love this palette????

Price: 30 pounds, I cut off that year on black Friday somewhere for 1500 rubles.

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