Kantar Worldpanel has studied the French cosmetics market

International company Kantar Worldpanel, which deals with the study of consumer interests through the analysis of the reaction of buyers to new products, became interested in the cosmetic market in France. The results of the study suggest that French consumers are using less personal hygiene products, so the need to match their specific requirements becomes more relevant.

In France, people use less and less personal hygiene. The market is still declining but is in a better position than last year: -0,8% in volume and 0.2% of cost, because people aren’t buying these products personal hygiene products. This decrease was related to the hypermarkets and supermarkets and pharmacies. At the same time, there are other channels that are able to develop, in particular, online shopping.

In France, the market has been declining for quite some time. This reduction is associated only with the younger generation – consumers up to 50 years, and especially with very young customers aged 15-24 years. Attraction of young generation, from the point of view of market experts is the main objective in this sector. After all, if the youth of today, no well-established concepts of beauty, it will be in 20 years.

The main factors slowing down the growth of the market analysts Kantar Worldpanel include:

• simplification of the rituals of beauty, buyers are guided by the principle “less, but better”;

• lack of consumer confidence, partly due to applications such as Yuka is a program that scans products to decipher their composition and to assess their impact on health;

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• the environmental awareness of the consumer: less products – less waste;

• changes in social standards – consumers adhere to the approach, which is to accept ourselves as we are.

These factors are cumulative, however each category of cosmetics own peculiar reasons for the market slowdown.

This year in France should be a year of pure beauty, with an emphasis on organic, vegan and natural products. Many large companies launched their brands in order to benefit from this trend. For example, L’oréal has La Provençale Bio, Henkel – Nature Box and N. A. E, Unilever – Love and Beauty Planet. However, the question remains, who would prefer modern buyers are large market players or independent brands.

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