Kao develops world’s first diffuse applicator for skin care

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Since the beginning of December of this year, the cosmetics company Kao released to the market of Japan and Asia collection of skin products Biomimesis Veil brand EST, which will for the first time used the technology of Fine Fiber.

Premium products crossing the price threshold to $ 90, are a growing segment in the Japanese market of skin care. This penchant for luxury care is particularly evident in Department stores. According to a recent survey conducted by Kao, women with a strong interest in daily skin care products in the markets of Japan and Asia, is actively looking for advanced technologies and strategies of beauty care. Many of them, as the survey showed, is ready to invest heavily to become more beautiful.

The kit Biomimesis Veil includes three products: essence (111 US dollars), a small high-performance cosmetic diffuser (about $ 470) and beauty fluid ($75). This is the first practical application of Fine Fiber Technology, a new method of coating the surface of the skin ultra-thin layer by spraying several films, fibers with a diameter of one nanometer. Such a layer is like a membrane, which creates a feeling of lightness and softness to the skin without restricting movement and makes the skin surface smooth.

Kao hopes to go beyond skin care and to apply this technology to other cosmetic products such as Foundation. In addition, the company plans to use the device for follow-up care after chemical peels and laser therapy as well as in the treatment of skin diseases. Recall that recently the company has released a new tool to treat dry skin.

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EST Biomimesis Veil is a special two-stage complex, used as the final stage of the night skin care. First, the user causes the Veil Effector (essence) on skin. Then use the Veil Diffuser device, developed in collaboration with Panasonic on the skin gently sprayed Veil Potion (cosmetic liquid). Then applied are transformed into ultra-thin translucent veil of the thinnest fibres, which remains in place during the night in the likeness second skin, and exfoliate the next morning. The veil helps to protect your skin from dryness and to maintain a moist environment, replenishing the skin with sufficient moisture during sleep.

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