Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick “Lolita”

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Welcome! Post dedicated to matte liquid lipstick Kat Von D in the shade “LOLITA”.

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick “Lolita”

Box and the product itself is decorated with beautiful Gothic patterns: roses and logo of the brand. The tube itself is long and thin. On beginning was unusual, but the applicator was easy to draw the contour and coloration of the way places. At the bottom of the tube label indicating the name of the shade.

On the official website the color is described as Chestnut Rose. In the living flower is not seen, but acknowledge that to name the shade of lipstick just chestnut — will be wrong. It is this drop of pink, which especially opens beautifully in cold daylight (but I’ll be honest, it’s not so easy to catch the light, and not so often I go outdoors in this light, indoors with electric light on me she looks chestnut newdom). In General, the color is very beautiful, but changes depending on lighting.

1. Two layers of 2. In a single layer

The texture is liquid, similar to Velvetine Lime Crime. Caught quickly. You can get a very thin layer, you can layer the product more than once. Even during the day (after eating, for example, you can safely layering where the lipstick came from her lips and it’ll look decent).

Apply a thin layer, even when overlaying and generally not felt on the lips. But the lips have to be in good condition, as with any matte lipstick. Dryness does not cause, just ugly her stress.

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Resistance — love it! Will not stand, except that fatty foods, like any lipstick.

*my upper lip there is no clear path, so the lip pencil — my all (plus add a couple of millimeters it is necessary). With this lipstick I can handle without using additional products. Except that prilovchitsya need… (I’m trying)

Had her lipstick with one coat to show how thin it falls (I usually use two layers). The lipstick does not feel!

  • The cool lighting
  • Warm lighting
  • A few General images of the lipstick:

    Artificial light lamp

    Cold daylight (I love this lipstick especially)

    Standard dim lighting in any room

    Warm daylight

    For me liquid matte lipstick Kat Von D one of the most comfortable (along with Velvetine). The line has a very beautiful and sharp shades. Happy to wear and recommend to everyone who loves liquid matte lipstick.

    Period of use: 4 months


    Rating: 5!!!

    Thank you for your attention. I hope my post was helpful and interesting.

    My name is Julian. Me on “you”!).

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