Kat Von D “Lolita” eyeshadow

Welcome! Post is dedicated to the shadows of the brands Kat Von D in the shade “Lolita”. To whom interesting, I ask under kat!

Kat Von D “Lolita” eyeshadow

The shade was produced with the aim to repeat the hue of the liquid matte lipsticks KVD everlasting lipstick “Lolita”, only in the form of dry product. Shadow nedostupny Before in Russia, the order I carried out americancollege (and waiting for the arrival of the shipment, came the news about the release of mosaic “Lolita” in which changepriority this shade… but that’s another story))

I’m not going to paint the design. Let me just say that packing of high quality plastic, not flimsy. Product size is more suitable for blush. The packaging States that it is the shade, but the product is very frequently used as a blush. Good for both.

Tint one to one, as the original matte liquid lipstick “Lolita”. I wrote a post about it earlier.

The color no complaints. The shadows are silky, vysokomehanizirovannoe, almost no dust and do NOT crumble. Need a base, otherwise the shade will be rolled up to the middle of the day. Some of the shadows I have on the concealer stick all day, but this shade without a base is not necessary.

Comparative Swatch on the arm everlasting lipstick “Lolita” and shadows of the same name.

  • The lipstick in 2 layers
  • Lipstick in 1 layer
  • The shadows applied with a brush
  • The shadow caused by the finger
  • You can see, the shade is very similar! The only difference in the texture and density of application.

    Comparative Swatch with shades from other palettes.

  • KVD “Lolita”
  • Lime Crime “Mud” — a couple times he thought that it would be a double, but in comparison, you can see what is still different shades. More Mud brown.
  • Obsession Makeup “Queen” — a deep Burgundy shade
  • Obsession Makeup “Hot Sauce” — matte red shade
  • Lime Crime Icon — matte cool brown shade
  • Swatch official website

    There is a caveat.If the smudge color “insulated” and if you prefer only a light haze to walk on the crease, the makeup in General would look warm. When Smokey darker color can be obtained on a movable century (shadows are well pigmented), on the border will be a smooth transition in a warm brown hue. That’s not bad, just keep that in mind.

    Also, on the official Swatch perfectly clear, than darker the skin, the more ROSES will be in the shade, the brighter, the more it will be chestnut. (now I want the tint as dark-skinned girl)

    In my eyes

    Tightly Packed barrel struck on all movable and a lower eyelid, restorefile border.

    A light haze went through the crease and slightly darkened the outer corner of the eye.

    A couple of General images:

    The first option. The artificial warm lighting.

    Light Smokey. In the eyes of the hero of the post and in the inner corner of the eye light matte shade. On the lips is MAC “Whirl”.

    The second option. The fluorescent lighting from the window.

    Darkened the ciliary margin and matte black shadows and withdrew the arrow. In the inner corner of the eye Essence 01 “Zink about you”. On the lips KVD “Lolita”

    Pigmentation — a delight!
    Easy shade
    Trouble-free accumulate
    The versatility of the product
    Product size
    Need a stable base under the shadows
    Accessibility additional info
    (in Russia of.online not met)

    The shade I was hooked when I bought the lipstick. So I long thought before to make the order when I found out about these shadows.

    For me is the shade and every day. One minus, not use it as a blush, because I don’t like this shade on my skin, i.e. not NOT a fault of the product itself.

    Period of use: 2 months

    Price: 19$

    Rating: 4 (lower score for the product availability in RF + think globally, if you are in love with the shade, the shade does not seem like anything)

    Thank you for your attention. I hope my post was helpful and interesting.

    My name is Julian. Me on “you”!).

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