Kat Von D. Lolita lip duo. Confessions of a fair-Skinned Lover of makeup

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-Lee-TA: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the sky, to the third hustled on the teeth. Lo. Lee. TA.

My friends!

Wonderful and creative Traceofmyface a few days ago I wrote about the Duo matte liquid lipsticks in a mini version. At the time of my post were actually prepared, Swatch shot, the impression of the product is composed, the text kept repeating in my head. And despite the repetition in choice (and in such a short period of time), I decided to publish my impressions of the liquid sustavskih Kаt Von D.

Previously looking through Swatch lipsticks Kаt, I noticed that in the Russian-speaking Internet few reviews on these shades. Therefore, I hope my opinion will be superfluous.

The Duo released a mini-version, the volume of each baby — 3 gr. Appearance of packaging and product made in the spirit of creative American profa. No pink mimimi, Kate uses the color black.

Packing, front side

On the reverse side — is very far from reality photo shades.

Lolita and Lolita II — a very unusual shades. The manufacturer defines lolita as chestnut rose (brown-pink) or rosa antico scuro (antique, dark pink), lolita # 2 how nudewww terracotta.

Shades difficult, I took them with caution


Lolita II

The texture and the technical specifications of the lipsticks are identical. Both nice, medium-sized sponge is soft, it is suitable for drawing the corners of the mouth and Cupid’s bow.

The texture of the lipsticks is well balanced on density: it does not spread, but not the clay. I’d say a happy medium. When applied it seems a little oily, but this feeling will quickly pass. Lips lipstick freeze for 30-45 seconds. After hardening you will not feel on the lips gouache, you do not feel so good she ‘bonded’ with the skin.

For me it was a shock. I’m not a big fan of matte textures, I only have a few matte lipsticks luxury brands, but none of them close and not stands next to the lipsticks Kat on the degree of comfort on the lips.

No matter how much time has passed, the lipstick does not dry, does not leave scraps. Starts to fade after 8 hours. On water and food medium fat (not butter in its pure form) reacts perfectly, ie all. Specifically, in my case is not coming from the lips (even at the junction, even at the edges) or after a snack or after a good lunch.

Lolita No. 1

The same color — Rosa Antico Scuro

Daylight, without direct sunlight

In my case — lipstick in one layer, but no problem layering when applying

Lolita No. 2

Love these autumn shades


I know that many girls say that lipstick rigit. But I personally perceive these shades as stated in the title Nude.

During the day you can gently touch up the lipstick (or rather circuit). Suggest them if you have a long day at work without the ability to pay much attention to makeup during operation.

Remove lipstick, oil, removed without problems.

After removing the lips do not require humidification.

Summary: if you love matte liquid texture — this is your lipstick. If you don’t like — try lipstick Kat Von D. And you will understand that you love them!

Brief information about the product:

Name — 2 mini everlasting liquid lipsticks Lolita lip duo

The Manufacturer — Italy

Volume 2 lipstick 3 ml.

Cost — bought in the European Before, at the current rate — about 1400 — 1500 RUB.

Rating is 5

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