Kiko Sparkling Holiday. Overview of the collection

I don’t remember when Kiko spoke at the Russian market. Like, a few years ago there was a surge in review posts, but somehow I really never have wanted nothing. Offline view nowhere, and about online store I didn’t know (that’s you and beauty blogger!) And don’t even know how I January 1 in the morning with a glass of champagne throw in the trash lipstick in lipstick))

I and collections some brand I never followed and did not know that they release them as pies. First went, of course, limited editions. Sparkling Holiday interested in the design — expensive-rich, in the new year, very nastroencheski. Plus the bubbles in a glass of champagne and the title of the collection itself, and it all came together (in addition to the Sparkling Holiday I bought, of course, another half of the tenure, but it’s all about a little later)


A bit pretentious and futuristic design. Plastic is quite simple. And, of course, all great stand out among my other bottles.

Kiko Sparkling Holiday Baked Blush 02 Coral Dreaming

Blush not much happens. In General, more interested in the texture (haven’t had baked shadows, I once killed kruglyashi Chanel and since then I have textures for some reason was not), and very pale. This juicy, bright, ringing, shiny, straight this spring with him I want (and even remembering the same Chanel, and shade was similar).

Shadow we put a lot, a lot — 8 grams and the size is decent this is. For example, even if they were my only and I painted every day just for them, I think they would have ended in 10 years!))

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Do not be afraid of a bright pink color and puppet active shimmer in the makeup, they look candy and very gently.

They can be applied as a veil, a hint of a modest blush, but you can put a visible spot. The texture is quite soft, blush well become flustered. A month of frequent use appearance absolutely nothing has changed, Hello baked texture.

On the skin all day hold, do not fade, not smeared, overall, a decent product.

Me: delicately applied on the apples of the cheeks and feathered in the area my mother blush

Kiko Creamy Lipstick Sparkling Holiday 02

Creamy lipstick. It is a dense I was not. The lipstick picked up (approximately) to the blush, that is, with a cold undertone to wear them together, but it did not happen. How often that happens, I like the shades of may (and going into heat). But more on that below.

Very comfortable stick. The pointed tip enables to draw a clear outline without using a lip pencil. A form like envelops lips. By the way, the lipstick has a sweet scent of coconut.

The texture of the lipstick is tight, covers native pigment from the first touch. Layering paint is not necessary. Does not require, but wishes under him groomed lips, or peeling stress, but it seems like not critical. At the junction of the lip behaves very well, is not a clear boundary as some unpleasant and does not form white stripes. Comfortable to wear — soft, the lips are not dry but certainly not moist. Will last 3-4 hours, then the color will be soft to lose its intensity. Goes, too, as it gently and quietly.

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Everything in it is OK if the color was the same as in the stick. But my mom, she was gorgeous and so went to her for permanent residence,

Here I see a light terracotta touch, although in General complementary shade of pale and cold skin:

Macro is decent, but a little peeling stresses, although it is not evident

Kiko Nail Laquer 01

Varnish chameleon. Color — baby puppy dog enthusiasm. And different kind of berry and Burgundy polishes so full, and this is among my entire collection stands out and is definitely unique. Small shimmer, light tints make it even more attractive.

Such varnishes are always a decoration of the hands and total way, they make a mood. Good in any season, on any skin tone, under any look and event.

Rounded, but not very flat brush varnish is quite comfortable, allows you to paint your nails with minimal (or even no) adjustment. The varnish must be 2 thin layer and preferably top so the shimmer will Shine more playful, well and dries faster.

To wear nail Polish real honors. Lasts a full week without chips or cracks. On the tips overwritten is minimal. When removing does not stain the skin and nails (even without base)

But most of all in the lacquer, I was pleased with the color and such though I don’t have and might even not exist!

Classic, refined, with hand.

I’ve been thinking about the take))

Swatch of the lipstick and blush:

And a little closer. Here, on the stage switcha became clear to me, how different shades on the skin. But they are all still blend well in the overall makeup.

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Although this makeup ledencova berry gloss and eyeliner of the lower eyelid, they look more harmonious.

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